It’s not just the Stupid Bastards, the police are now being billed again for the old Rocky Gerung case.

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Klinik Farma – The Legal Aid Institute of the Nias Indonesia Association (LBH HIMNI) has returned to Polda Metro Jaya to clarify the report that was filed against Rocky Gerung for allegedly defaming the people of Nias. This case was previously reported in 2020.

LBH HIMNI director Viradarma Harefa said his party would like to know how far the report has come.

“Our visit to Poldu is aimed at clarifying the police report that we previously submitted regarding insulting one ethnic group or clan, especially the Laoli clan,” Viradama Harefa told reporters on Friday (04/08/2023).

“In our report, the perpetrator we reported on was someone who is currently viral, namely Rocky Gerung,” Viradarma added.

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In this case, Viradarma explained, Rocky Gerung, who at the time was using the Twitter account @@RGFansclub2019, was offending because he compared the Laoli clan to animals.

“The perpetrator at the time was using the Twitter account name @RGFansclub2019. He used this account to operate and that is what we are reporting,” he said.

In addition, after asking for clarification, he said that the police would continue to report to the investigators. In the near future, according to Viradarma, investigators will call witnesses and conduct additional clarifications.

“We hope this report will continue to be followed up and the party that was reported will be held accountable and dealt with in accordance with the law,” Viradarma hopes.

One of the reporters, Yosefo Laoli, admitted that in 2020 he was struck by Rocky Gerung’s viral tweet.

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“We are devastated by a sentence on Twitter equating our last name to animals. This is something we cannot agree with,” Yosef Laoli said.

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