It turned out that these are 3 favorite places for foreigners in RI

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – Ministry of PUPR reported that there are 3 areas in Indonesia that are favorite for foreign nationals (WNA) to live or own property. One of them is DKI Jakarta.

“The three favorite cities for foreign home ownership are Jakarta, Bali and Batam. In fact, another one is Punchak. But it has not been found,” Ivan Sudijanto, Director General of Housing at the PUPR ministry, said in Jakarta on Thursday (3/8/). 2023).

Referring to its presentation in DPP REI’s “Regulations on the Socialization of Residential Property of Foreigners”, it was stated that Jakarta has become home to various cultures and cultures that make its citizens open and welcoming to foreign citizens. One of them, Jakarta, offers Western-style shopping malls, while Jakarta’s economic hubs are dotted with world-class apartments and luxury homes.

“International schools also abound in Jakarta, especially in areas where there are many foreigners,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Bali is one of the favorite travel destinations for foreigners who want to live in Indonesia or just go sightseeing. There are more foreigners here than in any other city in Indonesia.

Since Bali is Indonesia’s largest tourist destination, it’s not hard to find plenty of food and drink from other countries here. Real estate in Bali is also relatively affordable, with a variety of luxury villas and private pools.

As for Batam, which is one of the main expatriate areas in Indonesia, it is one of the main logistics business centers in Indonesia for about 700 multinational electronics companies and shipbuilding companies.

Another advantage of Batam is its location in the Indonesian region, which is closer to Singapore than to Jakarta.

“Many Singaporean companies are setting up companies in Batam. Many Singaporeans also go to Batam on weekends to buy groceries,” Ivan explained.

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