In the case of Lucas Enembe’s operating expenses of 1 trillion Indonesian rupiah per year, the CCP will increase them before investigation!

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Klinik Farma – The case of alleged fraud with the operating funds of the inactive governor of Papua, Lucas Enembe, is in the final stages of investigation. Asep Guntur, Acting Deputy for Execution and Enforcement of the Committee for the Eradication of Corruption, said that an additional investigation would be carried out.

Lucas Enembe is suspected of changing the governor’s regulations in order to obtain operating expenses of 1 trillion Indonesian rupiah per year.

“This investigation is in its final stages, yes. So wait, it is almost over,” Asep said on Monday (14/8/2023).

During 2019-2022, Lucas Enembe received an operating expense as a manager of IDR 1 trillion per year, according to CCP findings.

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Asep said the state’s losses in the new Lucas Enembe case are still in the process of being counted.

“We will announce this later, because it is the BOD or the BPKP that calculates the financial losses of the state,” he said.

Earlier, CCP Vice Chairman Alexander Marwata said that Lucas Enembe’s operating funds, when he was actively serving as governor of Papua, reached 1 trillion Indonesian rupiah annually.

“Each year, the operating funds in question exceed IDR 1 trillion. This is much higher than the allocation set by the Ministry of the Interior,” Alex said at the CCP Red and White Building in Jakarta on Monday (06/26/2023). ).

“So, the operating funds of the head of the region are calculated based on a certain percentage of APBD. We are talking about an operating fund, which is an average of one trillion a year, and most of it, after our investigation, is spent on food and beverage expenses,” he continued.

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Alex said Luka Enembe was worth 1 billion rupees per day.

“Imagine if 1 trillion rupees is used for food and drink, that’s 1 billion rupees a day for food and drink purchases,” Alex said.

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