How to Decorate Fried Rice for the August 17 Contest, These 3 Ingredients Are Enough

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Klinik Farma – Fried rice decoration could be an alternative to the contest on August 17th. Easy ways to decorate fried rice as well as edible decorations are also the reason behind this fried rice decorating contest. In the city of Semarang, Central Java, Hewearit Mayor Gunaryanti Rahayu even initiated a fried rice contest for Ms. Ita to celebrate Indonesia’s 78th Independence Day. So, how to decorate fried rice for the contest on August 17th? In fact, it is quite simple and is no different from decorating other dishes. Here are some tips.

1. Use sausage as a side dish

One food ingredient that can help make fried rice dishes more appealing and delicious is sausage. In addition to being very easy to find, sausages also have variations that can be customized to individual tastes. In addition, the sausage also has an attractive color, which makes the dish more beautiful and seductive.

Sausages can be made by forming a crown that can be placed on a plate of fried rice. Sausages can also be diced and then sprinkled with neatly printed rice. This creation alone can make fried rice dishes mouth-watering.

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2. Decorate with eggs

Eggs are also one of the food ingredients that can be used to decorate fried rice dishes. Eggs can be cooked as omelette rolls, which are cut into thin slices so that they can be formed into a beautiful roll and can be placed on a dish of fried rice. Egg rolls can also be used as a base for chicken or placed on top of rice.

In addition to being made into omelettes, eggs can also be made into sunny side up eggs that are printed in a variety of fun shapes. The placement can be placed on the rice printed in the same shape.

3. Decorate with vegetables

Decorating with vegetables can seem complicated and impractical, although decorating can be done in a simple way, such as making flowers from chili peppers or making a fan and flower buds from cucumbers.

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These simple side dishes are not only easy to prepare, but also add aesthetic appeal to rice and chicken dishes.

Here’s how to decorate the August 17th fried rice contest with 3 ingredients. Easy, right?

Authors: Nadia Lutfiana Mavarni

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