How to calculate Weton matchmaking based on Javanese primbon

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Klinik Farma – When we have a boyfriend and are in a serious relationship with someone, we definitely want to move on to a more serious relationship. At this stage, turmoil often arises, questions arise that secretly haunt such as “Is he really our soul mate and the person we need?”.

In the Javanese tradition, this question can be answered by calculating compatibility using a match veton. How to calculate the matchmaking veton is explained in the practical book Primbon by Mama Flo.

The book describes how to calculate a wet helper based on the birthdays of two prospective brides and grooms. If you are interested in finding out the marriage compatibility between you and your boyfriend, try calculating it using weton mate.

What do you need to know to calculate? Check out the description below:

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1. Know the day of Neptu

Here is the number of days for Neptu:

  • Week = 5
  • Monday = 4
  • Tuesday = 3
  • Wednesday = 7
  • Thursday = 8
  • Friday = 6
  • saturday = 9

2. Know the Neptune Market

Below are the neptu market numbers:

  • Pahing = 9
  • Mon = 7
  • Salary = 4
  • Klivon = 8
  • Laws = 5

How to calculate veton mate

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Knowing the two things mentioned above, calculate the match using the following formula:

Husband/wife Veton quantity = (next day + market) – 9.

Calculation example

It is known that the future husband was born on the Saturday of Lehi, so the number of Veton = (9 + 5) – 9 = 5

Meanwhile, the wife-to-be was born on Thursday Pahinga, so the number of vetons = (8 + 9) – 9 = 8.

If the results of both vetons were obtained, add the results, namely 5+8=17. After that, divide by the number 7=17/7=2

So the match calculation results include 2.

Does this mean the couple is compatible?

The above match weight calculation results make some sense. The following explains Primbon.

Remaining 1

If the results obtained are 1, this couple will have an everyday life covered with a noble character. Both of them easily forgive each other and even have authority over other people.

Remaining 2

If the sum of the couples reaches the number 2, this means that the compatibility between them shows that their married life will be blessed with an abundant fortune.

Remaining 3

A wedding couple who scores 3 on their matchmaker’s veton shows that they will both live happily, full of glory and nobility in the family and in the eyes of society.

Remaining 4

If you get the remaining 4, it means that your partner will gain extraordinary knowledge, which will become a place where people will look for solutions.

5 left

If there are five of them left, the couple will often suffer from embarrassment and difficulties in married life.

Remaining 6

If you have 6 left, then the household will be able to withstand difficult conditions, both will work hard and keep clean.

0 left

If the weton number is divided by 7, then the result is exhausted, then couples falling into this category will experience misfortune all their lives, their wishes often do not come true and often move.

Here’s how to calculate weton mate. Hope this is helpful.

Authors: Mutaya Saroh

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