Hofifa on choosing to promote as Kavapres or Pilguba in East Java

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Klinik Farma – East Java Governor Hofifa Indar Paravansa said he has not yet decided on his future political moves. Promote as a VP candidate or return to the East Java Pilgub stage.

It is known that a potential vice-presidential candidate is being tipped to the former Minister of Social Affairs. But he has not yet confirmed whether to accept the offer to become vice president or not.

More recently, Hofifa has stressed that she has not yet decided on her future steps to either become a vice presidential candidate or run again in the upcoming East Java gubernatorial election. According to him, it all depends on whether there is a green light or not.

He said that at present he is not only the governor of East Java, but also a member of the Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU) Executive Council, namely the general chairman of the Muslimat NU PP.

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“I am also one of the chairs of the PBNU, so steps related to the organization’s macro policy should be given the green light. This is something that I have not reported or confirmed, but what has been confirmed to the public, let’s just let ourselves flow for a while, just flow,” Hofifa said in Jakarta on Sunday (06/08/2023).

Based on this position, Hofifa said, decision-making certainly requires communication with the organization, and not just saying yes or no. The same is true when answering the question of whether to vote for East Java’s Pilgub or take the opportunity to become a vice presidential candidate for certain presidential candidates in the 2024 presidential election.

“Later, since I am part of the ecosystem, will there be a green light from what the PBNU and the ulema say, so far the consolidation between the ulema has been going well, not only political issues, but the issues of Bahtsul Masail are extraordinary. …fine, said Hofifa.

“Therefore, cultural coordination is an important part, because there is a culture of mutual respect with our clergy,” Hofifa continued.

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