History of Orgies: Free sex parties for South Jakarta couples have been around since Greek times

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Klinik Farma – South Jakarta Metro Police recently managed to crack a case of a sex party or orgy held at a hotel in the Semangi area of ​​South Jakarta. It is known that this orgy was organized by a couple from South Jakarta who deliberately invited other participants for personal pleasure.

After being detained and investigated by the police, this couple with the initials GA and YM admitted that they threw this free sex party because they wanted to feel happy or happy.

“He confessed (to having the orgy) because he did not feel happy with his wife,” South Jakarta Police Criminal Investigation Department chief AKBP Bintoro said in a meeting with reporters on Tuesday (Dec 9, 2023).

This orgy party is known to have been around for a long time and is often held by young people who want to fantasize about sex with a lot of people. So what’s the story behind this sex party or orgy?

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The term “orgy” comes from the English language, which was borrowed from the Greek “orgion”, which means “an uncontrolled free party or celebration”.

This term often refers to a free sex party where many people come to satisfy the fantasies and lust of each person without any supervision from the authorities.

In ancient Greece, this orgy or orgion was defined as a secret ceremony similar to the celebration of the Mysteries of Dionysus and the cult of Cybele.

Dionysus, considered the god of wine by the ancient Greeks, was treated as a man who fought and sacrificed for many people. This is the basis for the existence of “festivals” in honor of these sacrifices.

In ancient Greek tradition, an orgy or orgy was held at sunset. This celebration will be led by the one who is the torchbearer.

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In addition, wine and fruit bearers, musicians and singers will take part in this holiday. Then a group of people wearing masks and without clothes acted as animators.

This festival will also feature a statue with a giant penis, symbolizing the resurrection of the god Dionysus. Everyone present at the orgy will dance, sing and deify Dionysus with rude jokes.

Then the event was enlivened with erotic performances. After the festive session, everyone will gather in one room.

People present at the event began to express wild fantasies. One of them is to have sex at the same time, without any obstacles or barriers.

Those who believe in the existence of the God Dionysus will drink wine and fantasize as if their sexual desire continues to overflow. They believe in the presence of the God Dionysus in their drinks.

This tradition was carried out from the time of Ancient Greece until the 18th century. Unfortunately, this holiday began to deviate and became a bad habit in various liberal countries that impose freedom on every citizen.

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