History of IKN power, which has no “power” to build a national capital

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – Since its inception in March 2022, the Archipelago Metropolitan Authority (OIKN) has faced many issues with powers and regulations. As a result, the government is pushing for a revision of the IKN Law No. 3/2022 to strengthen the OIKN and speed up the construction of the new capital located in East Kalimantan.

The Deputy Head of the Metropolitan Archipelago Authority (OIKN), Doni Rahajjo, gave many case examples while fighting for the development of the IKN. The OIKN, for example, must have strong powers.

However, if we compare the OIKN as a special local self-government in the new capital and the regional authorities in general, it turns out that the OIKN has no “teeth”. In fact, IKN aims to become Indonesia’s new gateway, Indonesia’s diversity hub, sustainable city and economic growth hub. This is regulated by law.

“But during the technical implementation, ‘You know, sir, this law cannot exist.’ Why can’t the IKN Law be a lexicon specialist,” Doni said at a public consultation on a bill to amend State Capital Law No. 3 of 2022, Friday (04/08/2023).

“When I was inaugurated, I was an architect, they told me: “This ICN Law is a specialist in vocabulary, you are great.” But once it was implemented, it clashed with other ministries and departments, with the local government,” he said.

This state is felt in the presence of settlements, some of which are included in the ICH zone, and some – in other regional authorities. This residential area must be visible with taxes, PAD and basic amenities attached to it. In fact, Doni said, the IKN had not been created yet.

“It could be a big imbalance, although it’s just a matter of kitchens being IKN here and PPU over there,” he said.

Meanwhile, IKN doesn’t have PAD yet. If there is a PAD, everything must be submitted to the Ministry of Finance.

“Like Pemdasus, we have no assets, because all assets are managed by a center under the Ministry of Finance,” he said. In this case, OKIN is just a user. When land and border issues arise, there is little the OIKN can do.

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