Habib Jafar’s moment is tested by Sujiwo Tejo, who refused to listen to his sermon: what is haram is really nice

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Klinik Farma – The humanist Sujiwo Tejo is famous for his sayings. One of them was when Sujiwo Tejo responded to Khabib Jafar’s childhood story and admitted that he was no longer interested in listening to his sermons.

“I used to listen to Khabib, now I don’t think I listen to him. Because I have never been naughty, because I do not know the bitterness of the world,” explained Sujivo Tejo, quoted on Saturday (5/8/2023).

Of course, this was conveyed in a joking tone, moreover, the figure of Habib Jafar was also known as a scientist who was also quite eccentric in his sermons.

For this reason, it’s no surprise that netizens have revived the moment of Khabib Jafar’s checkmate Sujiwo Tejo in an old TikTok video.

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As seen on the TikTok account @ryojayaAt first, Habib Jafar admitted that he was surprised that many people asked Sujivo Tejo about religion, who, by the way, is a humanist.

“Like I lack knowledge,” said Habib Jaafar. “Actually, I was a little offended.

Then after that, Habib Jaafar moved on to discuss the experience of Sujivo Tejo that he would never have mastered, namely music.

“It’s not that I don’t want to do music and can’t play music, but I believe that music is haram,” Habib Jafar chuckled, which instantly made Sujivo Tejo look down, because, after all, a profession humanist is very familiar with music. .

“Isn’t the music good?” Khabib Jafar asked the audience. “Verily, what is forbidden is delightful.”

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But Khabib Jafar himself clarified that he really wants to be given the opportunity to fry Sujivo Tejo at least once, so of course this matte moment is just a joke.

“I used to see Mbaha Tejo play really well in ILC, so I was itching to fry Mbaha Sujiwo Tejo. Well, at least I can taste the grandson of my prophet a little, ”concluded Habib Jafar.

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