Guntur Romli claims there are signs PSI will form a coalition with Prabowo

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Klinik Farma – Guntur Romli’s decision to withdraw from the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) was unanimous. The statement was even broadcast openly and delivered directly to the public.

The chairman of the Ganjarian Spartan Volunteers believes that the decision to step down cannot be separated from the suspicion that the party will form a coalition with Prabowo Subianto. According to him, this signal was clear when Prabowo visited the PSI DPP office last Tuesday (02/08/2023).

“The real reason I finally decided to leave PSI was Prabowo’s presence in the PSI DPP and the tondo-tondo of the PSI coalition with Prabowo without first opening up space for discussion and debate because it was about values ​​and principles that we both fighting for all this time,” he said, quoted by Antara.

Earlier it was reported that the departure of Guntur Romley from the PSI surprised a number of central party officials. One of them is PSI DPP Vice Chairman (Waketum) Andy Budiman.

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He said that Guntur Romli is no longer a structurally active member of the party. This happened after Guntur was a PSI MP candidate (kaleg) in 2019.

“Since then, he has not been structurally active at PSI. We respect Bro Guntur’s personal choice,” Andy said in a written statement.

But what surprised Andy even more was the fact that Guntur Romley resigned for a reason, namely a signal that the PSI was close to the presidential candidate Gerindra, who visited the PSI DPP office on Wednesday (02/08/2023).

“I’m surprised that Bro Guntur is retiring just because of Pak Prabowo joining PSI,” he said.

However, according to Andy, Prabowo’s visit was classified as an ordinary friendly visit.

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Moreover, PSI has not yet decided which coalition it will join in the 2024 presidential election.

“This is an ordinary friendship, like the meeting of Mbak Puan with Prabowo. In reality, Pak Prabowo used to be Megawati’s partner. After all, PSI has not yet decided on its position on this presidential candidate,” he said.

However, he admits that he understands the position of Guntur, who is also the general chairman of Ganjarian Spartan.

“He also needs to reaffirm his seriousness in supporting Pak Ganjar among other volunteers. So I really understand his position and choice,” said Andy.

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