Government projects prone to corruption, LKPP is designing a new system!

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – Applications for the procurement process of goods and services through electronic systems such as e-procurement and e-catalog will be evaluated and modified due to rampant cases of corruption, even though the procurement process has been digitized.

sq. LKPP Procurement Deputy Digital Transformation Officer Julianto Prihandoyo said the assessment process and plans to create a new platform are part of the Institute for Public Goods/Services Procurement Policy (LKPP) efforts to close existing loopholes for corruption.

“Basically, we are really concerned about filling gaps, places where there is an opportunity for criminal corruption,” Yulianto said at a meeting in the Jiexpo area in Jakarta on Thursday (March 8, 2023).

In the process of strengthening this new platform, LKPP is collaborating with GovTech Telkom Indonesia. This strengthening is expected to ensure that all government transactions are no longer subject to fraud, as was the case with Basarnas, Yulianto said.

“For example, Basarnas yesterday, in principle, we respect the trial, now it is ongoing, we just have to wait, but we are not silent either,” Yulianto said.

“Therefore, Telkom friends from GovTech help us. Currently, we are creating a kind of new platform, as well as providing or reducing gaps or loopholes for corruption,” Yulianto said.

On the other hand, he continued, the process of strengthening the supervision of procurement through the electronic system was also carried out by opening access to the supervision of the system for law enforcement officers (LPA), the Supreme Auditing Agency (SAC), the General Inspectorate of ministries or agencies.

“We are also constantly working together on this. Me and my friends, APH, BPK, inspection, auditors, we also provided access to our store to be able to look and so on,” he said.

In addition to internal improvements, Yulianto recalled that the process of oversight of the procurement of goods and services should also involve many parties, including the public. Because, he says, without oversight and public reporting, oversight is not necessarily optimal.

“We can’t be alone, the LPP is alone, so we need ladies and gentlemen. Just report back diligently if you find anything suspicious. So, we are together,” he said firmly.

He assured that the LKPP will continue to increase the transparency of the process of procurement of goods and services in the government. According to him, the public will be able to see the details of future transactions through the new platform to be created.

“How much is the state budget, how much does this ministry spend, what is it for, who is the supplier and so on, ladies and gentlemen, you can see it on our platform,” said Iulianto.

The identification of the suspect as the head of Basarnas (Kabasarnas) Hendry Alfiandi of the CCP actually caught the attention of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). This was announced by Jokowi on the Youtube channel of the Secretariat of the President on Thursday (27.07.2023).

In his statement, Jokowi asked for major improvements after this incident. This is due to the fact that the case in which Henri Alfiandi found himself occurred in the process of acquiring a tool to detect victims of the wreckage.

“We will continue to improve the system (procurement of goods and services) in all ministries and departments,” Jokowi said.

Jokowi then proposed systemic improvements to the e-catalog program, which currently has 4 million items on display. Regarding the case that happened with Henri Alfiandi, Jokowi asked all parties to respect the legal process.

“If someone really jumped into the system and took something from it (the project), yes, if they get an OTT, then respect the existing legal process.”

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