Gegara owns cannabis plants, a magician with the initials O.A. arrested by the police

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Klinik Farma – The West Jakarta Police Narcotics Unit Satres has arrested a magician with the initials OA. Magician O.A. was arrested by the police in connection with a case of alleged drug abuse.

“That’s right,” AKBP West Jakarta Metro Police Narcotics Chief Indrawienny Panji Yoga said in a text message on Monday (August 28, 2023).

Panji continued that O.A. was arrested for possession of cannabis plants.

“OA has been secured with respect to the ownership of cannabis plants,” he said.

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Panji reported that O.A. was arrested last Friday (August 25, 2023).

However, Panji was unable to provide details of O.A.’s arrest.

“Arrested on Friday. In the meantime, we are still conducting an in-depth investigation into the suspect,” Panji concluded.

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