Ganzhar vs. Prabowo vs. Anis

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – The Indonesian Institute of Polls and Polls (SPIN) released the results of a poll regarding the possibility of electing potential presidential candidates who are predicted to run in the 2024 presidential and vice presidential elections. According to the poll, Prabowo Subianto is in first place, followed by Ganjar Pranovo. and Anis Basvedan.

This survey was conducted through direct interviews through questionnaires among 1230 respondents across Indonesia. When polling 1230 respondents, the poll error is 2.8%. The survey was conducted on July 15-25, 2023.

SPIN director Igor Dirgantara said the results of a simulated poll of three presidential candidates showed that Prabowo has the highest electoral power, ahead of Ganjar and Anis.

“The majority of the population, or 41.7%, will vote for Prabowo Subianto as president if there are simultaneous elections today and only three presidential candidates run,” Igor said in an edition of the SPIN poll, which was broadcast online on Friday (08.04. 2023). ).

“Meanwhile, Ganjar is still in second place with 30.3% and Anis is in third place with 21.0%. There is another 7.0% of the population who have no choice,” he said.

Below are the results of a poll of three conditional presidential candidates in the election:

Prabowo Subianto: 41.7%
Ganjar Pranovo: 30.3%
Anis Baswedan: 21%
Don’t know: 7%

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