Fewer Jobs CPNS 2023, Budget Savings?

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – The government has set the number of cadre formations for potential civil servants (CASN) for 2023. This number has also been reduced from the original proposal by the Ministry of Government Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB Ministry).

As of August 3, 2023, the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform determined the need for the formation of CASN for 2023 in the amount of 572,496 people out of the previously proposed needs of 1,030,751 people. So, with a decrease in the number of formations, the need for a budget has decreased?

Ministry of Finance Budget Director General Isa Rahmatarvata did not want to disclose the amount of the CASN procurement budget for 2023, including for CPNS and PPPK at the national level. He only stressed that the budget was prepared in accordance with the decisions of the formation.

“At the beginning of the year, it is planned to recruit 572,000 CASNs. 78,000 central CASNs and other regional CASNs. A budget has been prepared for this amount,” Isa said at a press conference on the state budget on Friday (November 8). /2023).

According to the decree of the Ministry of State Apparatus and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) dated August 1, 2023, the needs of CASN this year are 572,496 formations. It consists of 28,903 formations of the CPNS and the PPPC, numbering 543,593 people.

The formation of the CPNS is open only to the central level of power, and in the regions – only to the PPPK. Thus, the appropriations for the formation of CASN to the central government amounted to 28,903 for the CPNS and 49,959 for the PPPC.

As far as the regional government is concerned, the allocation for the special units of the PPPK consists of 296,084 PPPK teachers, then 154,724 PPPK medical workers and 42,826 for the technical PPPK.

Isa denied that the reduction in CASN formation in 2023 was due to insufficient central and regional government budget to meet the proposed needs. According to him, the number of formations that were established by the Ministry of ANRB included proposals from each of the ministries and local governments.

“So, with regard to our accounting, it was originally planned to be 570,000, and this was a collection of information about the needs of the ASN from different regions, K / L, which was carried out by the Ministry of Administrative, Economic and Bureaucratic Reform,” he said.

For information, in 2018, the budget for the CPNS Special Recruitment was IDR 370 billion, with a total of 238,015 formations divided into central 51,271 and 186,744 regions. Whereas in 2019 the prepared budget is 119.86 billion rupees for 37,425 CPNS formations and 114,814 regions.

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