Exports halted, bauxite producers start building smelters in earnest

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Arifin Tasrif said that a number of bauxite companies are now very serious about building processing and refining plants (smelters) in the country. Especially after the government imposed a ban on the export of bauxite-like raw materials last June.

Arifin said a number of bauxite companies have committed to immediately complete domestic smelter projects. He said this after the General Director of Plt Mineral and Coal personally visited the deposit.

“Yes, we have now become serious, now the CEO of Plt Mineral and Coal is back there, yes, it is true. If we continue to export what we have, the goods are not without restrictions, we must make an effort,” Arifin said in the building of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources on Friday (04/08/2023).

Earlier, Arifin explained that out of the plan to build 12 bauxite smelters in the country, at least only 4 of them are already in operation. The remaining 8 bauxite smelters are still under construction.

In fact, judging by the field trips, there are very significant differences with the results of an independent verifier. Field finds show that out of 8 smelters, 7 smelters are still deposits.

“Despite the fact that it was indicated in the verification report, it was shown that development progress reached a range of 32% to 66%,” Arifin said at a joint workshop with the VII Commission of the DPR RI on Wednesday (5/24/ ). 2023).

Here are 8 companies that have not yet completed the construction of their smelters:

1. PT Quality Sukses Sejahtera is located in Kech. Tayan Hilir, office. Sanggau, West Kalimantan, with the company’s planned investment in this project of US$484.3 million.

2. PT Dinamika Sejahtera Mandiri is located in Kech. Toba, Kab. Sanggau, West Kalimantan with a US$1.2 billion investment plan.

3. PT Parenggean Makmur Sejahtera is located in Kech. Campaga and Chempaga Hulu, Cabin. East Kotawaringin, Central Kalimantan with a US$509 million investment plan.

4. PT Persada Pratama Cemerlang is located in Ketch. Meliau, cab. Sanggau, West Kalimantan with a US$474 million investment plan.

5. PT Sumber Bumi Marau is located in Ketch. Marau and Jelai Hulu, Kab. Ketapang, West Kalimantan with a US$550 million investment plan.

6. PT Kalbar Bumi Perkasa is located in Ketch. Tayan Hilir, office. Sangau, West Kalimantan with a US$1.58 billion investment plan.

7. PT Laman Mining is located in Ketch. North Hilir Matan, Cabin. Ketapang, West Kalimantan with a US$1.05 billion investment plan.

8. PT Borneo Alumina Indonesia Cab. Mempawa, West Kalimantan with an investment plan of US$831.5 million.

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