DKI Pemprov allegedly buys its own land, DPRD asks the CCP to intervene

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Klinik Farma – PSI DPRD Jakarta Caucus DKI Vice Chairman August Hamonangan also highlighted allegations that the DKI Provincial Government has bought its own land in Puri Gardenia II RT 007 RW 01, Pegadoungan, Kalideres, West Jakarta. He demanded that the Commission for the Eradication of Corruption (CCP) intervene in the investigation of the case.

August suspects that if it can be proven that there was a purchase of the land itself, then there is an indication that there was a conspiracy that led to criminal acts of embezzlement and corruption.

“Whether there is a report or not, the CCP should investigate it. The losses suffered by the state are considerable,” August told reporters on Monday (07/08/2023).

In addition, August will question the veracity of this allegation with related parties, especially the Jakarta City Plantation and Forest Service (Distamhut).

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“I will ask at the core of the problem and offer to discuss it with all council members,” he said.

In addition, DPRD DKI Commission A member William Aditya Sarana also hopes that the DKI Provincial Government Inspectorate will also investigate this allegation. As many state apparatuses (PNS) in the DKI provincial government are suspected to have been involved, both in the city DKI plantation and forest service, and at the mayor and village level.

“The inspectorate must intervene so that all those involved can be cleared,” he concluded.

Previously, the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of the DKI was suspected of returning to buying up land that actually belonged to them.

After the incident at Chengkareng, a similar incident is believed to have occurred at Puri Gardenia II, RT 007 RW 001 Pegadungan, Kalideres, West Jakarta.

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Proposed purchase of land owned by DKI provincial government by DKI Forest Service (Distamhut) of 6,312 square meters for IDR 54,573,800,000. The land is a social and community facility that has been donated by Puri Gardenia II to the DKI Provincial Government and the 2018 Green Open Space (RTH) Procurement Project value for the DKI Forest Service is IDR 131,182,150,000.

Ahmad Benny Mutiara, family attorney of the Ahmad heirs as owner of the land, Madsanih Manong, S.H., M.H., said it appeared that the purchase was made under duress by the DQI provincial government’s Plantations and Forestry Service.

This is due to the fact that, based on the letter No. 2599/-076 of the Territorial Planning and Land Management Agency DKI Cipta Karya (CKTRP), it is indicated that the data is obtained from the results of overlaying maps with the SIPPT boundary map and the Detailed Territorial Plan (RDTR), part of the land is included in composition of SIPPT 1910-1.711.5 from 1992 on behalf of PT Tamara Zeleny Sad.

“The developer, in this case PT Tamara Green Garden, must transfer the social and public use land to the DKI provincial government,” Madnasih told reporters on Friday (04/08/2023).

In addition, the condition of the land purchased by the DKI Forestry Agency is still the subject of claims or disputes between the developer Puri Gardenia II and several land heirs, one of whom is Ahmad Benny Mutiara.

“This is in line with Pegadungan village letter number U39/-1 711, which was signed by Pegadungan village head Sulastri on August 18, 2017,” Madsanih said after a civil lawsuit against the DKI provincial government in West Jakarta district. Court.

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