DKI DPRD Chairman confirms he will implement WFH for ASN after speaking with Acting Governor

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Klinik Farma – DKI Jakarta DPRD Chairman Prasetyo Edi Marsudi explained his action plan to combat air pollution in and around Jakarta.

Prasetyo said he would discuss this with Jakarta DKI Acting Governor (Pj) Heru Budi Hartono to take steps to address the poor air quality.

“We, as DPRD, will speak with the governor to take steps and take a stand,” Prasetho said at the DPRD DKI building on Wednesday (August 16, 2023).

He stressed that his party would take over the fight against pollution in Jakarta if it was found out later that Heru Budi did not take a stand.

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Prasetyo also said DKI Jakarta DPRD will provide 50 percent work from home (WFH) for Jakarta Province (ASN) DKI civil servants.

“If they really don’t want to take a step and defend their position, we (DPRD) will defend our position, I will do WFH for colleagues at work, one of our positions is to make 50 percent for ASN Pemprov DKI between dates, so after as I spoke with the governor, from August 21 to October 21 there will be 50 percent of WFH,” he said.

WFH for public and private institutions, he continued, will be 75 percent completed on September 4-7, 2023. This is due to the fact that this time coincides with the ASEAN summit.

“The WFH appeal is 75 percent for all agencies, both public and private, between the 4th and 7th, because there is an ASEAN summit, it is completely a Jakarta holiday,” Prasetho explained.

“Jakarta has a lot of factories on the outskirts, you also need to be very careful about the current situation and conditions,” he said.

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