Demanding promises from the DKI provincial government regarding apartments, the people of Kampung Bayam demonstrate in the administrative court: we can no longer afford to pay rent!

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Klinik Farma – Residents of Kampung Bayam staged a peaceful demonstration in front of the Jakarta State Administrative Court DKI (PTUN). This action demanded that they be immediately allowed to live in Kampung Susun Bayam.

Based on Klinik Farma’s monitoring at the Jakarta Administrative Court on Monday (8/14/2023), dozens of residents showed up wearing blue uniforms. They arrived by bus.

In addition, residents of Kampung Bayam were also seen holding banners demanding action before entering the Administrative Court building. In addition to the banners, they brought more banner as well as other attributes of the action.

In his speech, the speaker mentioned Kampung Susun Bayam, which has now become commercial. He then called on the DKI Jakarta provincial government to immediately grant housing rights to residents.

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“We can no longer afford to pay rent. We were promised an apartment in Kampung Bayam. But today it is only a promise. The apartment is commercialized. We need support, we need discussion,” said the speaker before the Jakarta Administrative Court, East Jakarta, Monday (August 14, 2023).

“We often sent letters to the provincial government and JakPro, but they were ignored. As if we are not citizens of Indonesia. noticed the government of Jakarta DKI,” he continued.

Retno Sulistyaningrum, the acting head of the DKI of the Jakarta People’s Housing and Settlement Service (DPRK), said that the DKI provincial government has offered residents to move to Nagrak Flats. However, there are no residents of Kampung Susun Bayam who want to live in Rusunawa Nagrak.

“To date, it has been confirmed that not a single tenant has occupied the apartment in Nagrak. However, it was offered,” Retno told reporters on Friday (14/7/2023).

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