Death turmoil in Geoje, residents woke up to see Rizki Alam’s dead victim on Ruko corner

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Klinik Farma – Residents heard the sound of mouths quarreling shortly before the stabbing incident that killed a man named Rizki Alam (27) at Jalan Langsat, RT 01, RW 16, Lagoa, Koja, North Jakarta, Wednesday (June 9, 2023). ) early in the morning. . Not only that, but a young man named Octavian Stephen Toran (20) was also the victim of a stabbing.

A resident named Tika (35) said it was the first time her husband heard the noise. Tika then also admitted that her husband woke her up after hearing that there was a quarrel near her house.

“I’m in-wake up husband, end “I opened the door and when I looked, there were already two people covered in blood,” Tika said when met at the scene on Wednesday (06/09/2023).

Tika admitted that verbal quarrels in front of the house happened often, but only until it came to bloodshed. According to him, only about three people were involved in the riots that occurred this morning.

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No so many, No how people fight. Basically I listen There are only 2-3 people there,” Tika said.

Tika said she saw two people lying in a pool of blood after being stabbed.

He also admitted to seeing the final state of Rizqi Alam, the dead victim who was silent in the corner of the store.

Meanwhile, another victim turned to residents for help.

“One fat man that’s all Don’t worry, that’s what died. Now Friends“I asked for help, but I wanted, I fell, I wanted, I fell again,” Tika explained.

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Tika admitted that it was her husband who knew a lot about this, because her husband was also in contact with Hansip in this area.

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