Day of Mourning Budiman Sudyatmiko once said he wanted to be ‘lonely’ without a party if he was fired by the NDIP

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Klinik Farma – PDI Perjuangan officially dismisses Budiman Sujatmiko from his position. The dismissal came amid controversy sparked by the political moves of Budiman, who recently expressed support for Prabowo Subianto’s presidential candidacy.

The dismissal was announced on Thursday evening (August 24, 2023) in a letter signed by PDIP Chairman Megawati Sukarnoputri and PDIP General Secretary Hasto Kristianto.

A few days before the official dismissal, Budiman openly expressed his position when it was revealed that the PDIP had in fact fired him.

Budiman said he initially decided to take a break as a party worker. He admitted that he would rather not party or be single for a while.

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“I might consider being single first. Yes, it’s like a person who has just lost a spouse has to go through a long period of mourning. You will definitely mourn,” Budiman said at Tennis Indoor, Senayan, Jakarta, on Tuesday (22/). 8/2023).

He admitted that if the NDIP fired him, it would be grief for him. How could he not, he said, his relationship with PDIP had been established a long time ago, ever since he was little.

“How can I not grieve, I have been campaigning for PDI since I was 6 years old in elementary school. SD Year 6 students joined the PDI campaign because while not yet a PDI Perjuangan, it is still a pentagon icon. My family was also a PNI family from the past,” Budiman said.

“So, of course, if I don’t become a member of PDI Perjuangan, I will certainly be involved in politics, but maybe before I was single, I was not married politically,” Budiman said.

Even though he will accept being fired, Budiman still imagines that one day he will be able to rejoin the team.

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“After that, we’ll see, maybe in a few years my mistakes will be forgiven and I can register (with PDIP) again,” he said.

But if not, then, of course, he will consider joining another party. Parties that Budiman could consider include the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) and the Gerindra Party.

“If you don’t get accepted, you might be able to get into PSI, maybe one of them. Yes, that too (Gerindra) is an option. But, of course, this is after going through a long solitary period. That’s all”. Budiman said.

It should be noted that Budiman was fired from the PDIP for expressing support for Prabowo Subianto as a presidential candidate. This statement does not correspond to the decision of the Ganjar Pranovo party, which has its own personnel.

The letter presented by the PDIP Central Steering Board (DPP) shows that it was signed directly by General Chairman Megawati Sukarnoputri as well as General Secretary Hasto Cristiyanto.

At some point, it said that Budiman received organizational sanctions in the form of dismissal.

“Applies organizational sanctions in the form of the exclusion of Mr. Budiman Sudyatmiko, MAMPfil. from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle,” one of the paragraphs of the letter says.

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