Crowd of employees of the Palace and the Constitutional Court, DKI Satpol PP distributes hundreds of employees: do not destroy the social facility

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Klinik Farma – Jakarta Civil Service Police Department Chief DKI (Satpol PP) Arifin said his party will be involved in maintaining order and security during the People’s United Labor Movement (GEBRAK) demonstration outside the Constitutional Court and State Palace, which will be held on Thursday (10/10 ). 8/2023).

According to Arifin, 14 points of social facilities (fasos) and public facilities (fasoom) will be guarded on the ground during the action.

“The staff of the Satpol BCP will provide security at 14 points,” Arifin told reporters on Thursday (8.10.2023).

Later, while guarding, Arifin instructed his employees to show a humanistic stance and firmly abide by local rules.

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“The duty officer of Satpol should prioritize humanism, be assertive and work together with the security forces and their associated elements,” Arifin said.

He also asked for the cooperation of the community and those who hold demonstrations to consciously participate in maintaining the beauty of existing social and public facilities.

“Of course, we urge the public to keep order and not damage social and public facilities when conveying their aspirations,” Arifin concluded.

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