Cooperating with the Port of Johor, SPJM cooperates to strengthen maritime services

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – Pelindo sub-holding, PT Pelindo Jasa Maritim (SPJM), cooperate with Johor Port Berhad to improve the maritime sector by strengthening good relations between the two parties at the head of the agreement (HoA). The agreement was signed by PT Pelindo Jasa Maritim represented by HR Director Rahmat Prayoga and Johor Port Berhad represented by Md. Derrick Basir.

In the agreement, SPJM and Johor Port agreed to jointly provide staff development services to increase existing capacity. This potential includes the maritime sector, the implementation of cooperation in the field of services in the sector of maritime transport, equipment and port services (MEPS) and the implementation of cooperation in the field of marketing development in the sector of maritime transport, equipment, port services (MEPS).

The Port of Johor, through the Port of Johor Skills Center (JPSC), will provide services to training ports in the maritime sector to increase the capacity and capability of SPJM pilot resources. Johor Port Berhad’s involvement with PT Pelindo Jasa Maritim includes the provision of training facilities, hands-on training and other competencies.

The Chapter of Agreement (HoA) is intended to guide and prepare a plan for cooperation in the maritime sector, while giving priority to the principles of professionalism, good corporate governance and must comply with applicable legal provisions, rules and procedures.

Johor Port Berhad is a company operating and managing the Port of Johor, and a company that is part of one integrated operating group, MMC Port Holding Sdn Bhd (MMC Ports), which integrates the Malaysian Ports group, owned by MMC, which has more than 30 years of experience. experience in developing human resources in the field of ports and logistics.

SPJM as one of the subsidiary holdings of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero) or PT Pelindo for short, specializes in the management of maritime services, facilities or equipment and port services or port services in Indonesia, MEPS for short.

“We are committed to developing a global business and opening ourselves up to be able to work together for mutual benefit. One of the efforts to achieve this is to increase the competence of personnel in accordance with world standards, especially in relation to the safety of navigation and deep penetration. – marine pilotage services, – said the director of personnel. Pelindo Marine Services Rahmat Prayogi, in a press release, Friday (04/08/2023).

SPJM currently employs 247 people who are involved in exploration in the western region of Sumatra and eastern Indonesia. Until the end of this year, they will operate Pandu services throughout Indonesia with approximately 600 scouts. In terms of deep sea skills, SPJM has 58 guides with level 1 skills, which of course will require updating of skills and continuous improvement of deep sea piloting experience.

In terms of towing services, SPJM also provides almost all of Indonesia, which is carried out by subsidiaries, and on the other hand, maintenance of cargo handling equipment and port services have also been developed in the ports of the Pelindo group.

“It can be seen from this that there are many opportunities that can be realized both alone and in alliance with other partners,” Rahmat continued.

Meanwhile, Md. Derik from Johor Port Bhd said this cooperation a new chapter in maritime relations between the two countries.

“We also believe that by using our collective strength together, we can create synergies that will benefit the entire maritime community,” he said.

As a continuation of this partnership with the Port of Johor, especially in the field of staff training, SPJM will send Indonesian scouts to the Port of Johor in the early stages so that they can learn and provide on-the-job training in the field of deep sea guiding, especially in the Strait of Malacca area. In addition, in the field of operational and commercial cooperation, it is hoped that both parties can immediately discuss ways to explore each other’s potential in order to take advantage of unoptimized maritime business opportunities.

At the end of his speech, introducing the Board of Directors, Rahmat expressed his gratitude to Malaysia, especially the port of Johor, for the warm welcome, and expressed the hope that this agreement could be the first step, followed by concrete steps to cooperate with each other, which in turn , can increase positive growth for both parties.

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