Confessing grief after seeing husband fall into the trap of online gambling, Homes at BPKB Pawned cars to chase the jackpot

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Klinik Farma – Online gambling is taking over again. Even this time, the husband was ready to mortgage all his property and lost his family due to gambling addiction.

This can be seen from the instagram account @rekam.jakarta, where the wife caught her husband talking to the admin of the slot machine.

Interestingly, the husband is trying to negotiate in order to get the winnings if he agrees to continue the game. But, of course, the slot administrator didn’t grant his request, but it didn’t seem to make him stop playing.

This is what makes a husband in debt for a very large amount. “The loan was not repaid until interest had accumulated,” his wife wrote, quoted on Saturday (05/08/2023).

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But this was not her husband’s only loan. In fact, in order to continue his gambling, the husband was ready to pawn the BPKB of the car and the certificate for the house.

It has been observed that a resident of the Bogor Regency received up to 328 million rupees, which he allegedly also lost for this illegal game.

“Grandma owes tens of millions to cover other debts,” the wife continued, this time presenting a transfer receipt of 22.3 million rupees.

BPKB motorcycles also can’t be separated from her husband’s rebellious hands with monthly payments as high as IDR 634,000.

However, the loss of property did not make the husband stop gambling. Even when his wife didn’t want to get involved and forced her husband to fix the problem, he was instead asked to withdraw an online loan.

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“Mom, Abi wants to ask Mom for help, just to pay Shark Mom 3 million. Abi will change later, Ma. Let Abi pay off Abi’s debts. husband via whatsapp message.

“I can’t. I don’t want to interfere in your affairs anymore. It’s up to me, I don’t care,” the wife replied.

Illustration of a quarrel of a married couple. ( Afif Kusuma)

The irritation of his wife is not unreasonable, because many debts are also laid out in her name. In fact, the husband later threatened not to pay these debts unless the wife wanted to find another loan.

“What do you want to force if you have nothing to do. Believe in gratitude, this is not good, ”said the husband when they continued to demand from him the payment of debts on behalf of his wife.

Even asking the husband to consider using his father-in-law’s vehicle as collateral until the husband’s threat that he would no longer be able to see their child made the man agree to pay off his debt.

This is what makes the wife no longer able to choose a divorce. “Finally now it’s officially separated. Although there is still a debt in his name, God forbid, it can be slowly paid off, ”the owner of the story explained.

“Please, for the men who are still playing slot machines, you are all jerks ***. If you cannot make your wife happy, at least don’t destroy the mentality of your children and wife!” he concluded.

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