Complaints by Jokowi in the last speech of the annual session of the MPR: emphasize not Lur, but the President of the Republic of Indonesia

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Klinik Farma – The annual session of the MPR on Wednesday (16/08/2023) was President Joko Widodo’s (Jokowi) last state address during his second term as head of state. Remember that there will be a general election in February 2024.

In his last speech at the annual session of the RI MPR, Jokowi said a number of things. Some of them relate to the figure of the “chief headman”, so that his complaints are often insulted, calling them stupid, stupid to the point of dumbfounding.

As for the village headman figure, Jokowi alluded to this in reference to presidential and vice presidential candidates in the 2024 presidential election. He admitted that he was surprised at what kind of village headman figure a number of politicians actually described.

However, Jokowi later admitted that he knew who he was talking about, it turned out to be him.

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“For every presidential and vice-presidential candidate, the answer is: “There are no instructions from Lura.” I thought, who is this Lura? Little by little, Pac Lura. I later found out that Lura was referring to me,” Jokowi said at the annual MPR session at the Parliament Complex in Jakarta on Wednesday (August 16, 2023).

Jokowi stressed that he does not play any role in the presidential election. He did not want to interfere, because the electoral process is the business of political parties.

Jokowi also repeated the statement some time ago and again stressed that he is not the chairman of a political party.

“I am not Pak Lura, I am the President of the Republic of Indonesia,” Jokowi said.

“It turns out that Lura is Mr. Code. But I must emphasize that I am neither the general chairman of a political party nor the chairman of a coalition of parties, and according to the provisions of the law that determine presidential and vice presidential candidates, these are political parties and coalition of political parties,” he added.

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They are often called fools

On the other hand, Jokowi also mentioned the existence of several parties that often insulted him and called him by different names. However, as a person, he accepts it.

Jokowi said that there were those who called him foolish and stupid and even called him pharaoh.

“I know that there are those who say that I am stupid, plonga-plongo, I know nothing, pharaoh, stupid. It’s okay as a person, I just accept it,” Jokowi said in his address to Congress.

However, on the other hand, Jokowi felt sad. The culture of mutual respect began to fade.

“But what saddens me is how it seems that the polite culture and noble character of this nation is starting to fade,” he said.

In addition, according to him, freedom in this country is now being misused to incite hatred.

“Freedom and democracy are being used to express malice and slander,” Dia said.

The speech recording, which was re-uploaded by TikTok account @Indonesiamaju, was then inundated with comments from netizens. Often they offend political columnist Rocky Gerung, who is dragged into a case of allegedly insulting the president.

“@rockygerung_official sir man,” wrote one netizen.

“Park Jokowi still can’t tell what he’s been vilifying is his position and duties as president, not his personality,” wrote another account.

“It’s a risk to be a government official,” wrote another account.

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