Coalition for Change meeting tomorrow, PKS: I hope the name of VP candidate Agnès will come up soon

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Klinik Farma – PKS General Secretary Aboe Bakar Alhabsi confirmed that a meeting with the Coalition for Change for Unity is scheduled for Friday (August 18). Anis Baswedan cavapres was discussed at the meeting.

At tomorrow’s meeting, Aboe expects the vice presidential nominee to be announced soon.

“By the way, the ceremony ended on the 18th. We hope that the names of our cavapres will be announced quickly,” Aboe said at the PKS DPP office in South Jakarta on Thursday (August 17, 2023).

Aboe sees that as the presidential election draws near, the dynamics of what is happening are getting more fun, but hotter. But he considered it natural that this happened in the world of politics.

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“So this is a hot game, this is politics, take your time, just relax. But if we are ready, we will announce it, for example, Ganzhar will announce first, please, our brother Bang Bouo (Prabowo), please, then Agnes will also be together tomorrow, thank God, wait Just do it,” Aboe said.


Earlier, DPP NasDem chairman Willy Aditya stressed that the name of Anis Baswedan’s running mate would not be announced on August 18, 2023.

Willy said that the Coalition for Change for Unity will meet again on August 18.

“Not yet, right (Cavapres Declaration). But we will have a meeting on the 18th and then a meeting,” Willie said when we met ahead of the DPR-MPR annual session at the Nusantara Building, Jakarta on Wednesday (August 16). ).

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Willie said that after August 18, the Democratic Party will hold a rally in Pasitan, East Java. After that, Willi said that there would be a major consolidation of the coalition supporting Anis.

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