China unrest arrests citizen turned CIA spy

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – China’s civilian spy agency exposed a Chinese citizen for allegedly providing classified military information to the CIA, the latest in a series of allegations of espionage between Washington and Beijing.

In a statement on Friday (11/8/2023), quoted CNN InternationalChina’s Ministry of State Security said the suspect, surnamed Zeng, worked for an unidentified Chinese military-industrial group in a position that gave him access to classified information.

The ministry said Zeng, 52, was sent by his employer to continue his studies in Italy. While there, he was allegedly cared for by a US embassy official, and they gradually developed a “close relationship” through activities such as dinner parties, sightseeing, and opera viewings.

The ministry claims that as their engagement deepened, a US official revealed himself to be a CIA officer. Zeng was allegedly offered “large sums” of money and US immigration for his family in exchange for confidential information about the Chinese military.

It states that Zeng signed an espionage agreement with the US and was assessed and trained.

According to the statement, after completing his studies, Zeng returned to China and allegedly met with CIA officials on several occasions to provide “a large amount of basic intelligence information.”

The ministry said it took “mandatory action” against Zeng after finding evidence of espionage during the investigation. He added that the case was referred to the prosecutor’s office for consideration and a guilty verdict.

China’s announcement of alleged CIA spying comes a week after two US Navy sailors were arrested in California for allegedly providing sensitive US military information to Chinese intelligence officers.

The Ministry of State Security of China is a civilian agency that oversees intelligence and counterintelligence both in China and abroad. His role is considered something like that of the CIA and FBI combined, but much more secretive about his work, even without a website. net public explanation of their activities.

But on August 1, he launched a public Wechat account, calling on “all members of the public” to join his fight against spying and offering rewards and protection to those who provide information.

Friday’s statement on Zeng’s case was also posted on the ministry’s Wechat account.

The US and China have long been spying on each other, but the recent deterioration in relations between the world’s two largest economies has intensified this rivalry.

Chinese Communist Party rulers have long promoted the narrative that “foreign powers” are trying to undermine the country’s rise, while Xi Jinping, China’s most assertive and authoritarian leader of his generation, has made the country’s security a top priority.

Last month, China introduced a revised version of its already broad counterintelligence law, further expanding the definition of espionage.

Meanwhile, according to New York TimesCIA operations in China have suffered a shocking decline since 2010, when the Chinese government killed or imprisoned more than a dozen sources for two years.

In 2021 CNN reports that the agency is revisiting how it trains and manages its spy network as part of a massive transition to focus more on adversaries like China and Russia.

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