CCP Leadership Ethics Session, Brigadier General Asep Guntur Witnessed Yohanis Tanak’s Enlightenment

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Klinik Farma – Vice Chairman of the Commission for the Eradication of Corruption (CPC) Yohanis Tanak presented six defense witnesses at the ethics trial on Friday (04/08/2023).

Yohanisa Tanaka was judged by the CPC Supervisory Board (Dewas) in an ethics litigation because he allegedly interacted with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources’ acting Director General of Minerals and Coal, Muhammad Idris Froyoto Sikhite, who is currently in court. PDA.

“The rest are mitigating witnesses put forward by Park D.T. (Tanakom). If I’m not mistaken, there are six of them. Already two, there is an investigation director, one of the leaders of the task force,” the CCP council said. member of the Board of Trustees Syamsuddin Haris during a meeting with journalists at the KPK C1 building in Jakarta on Friday (04/08/2023).

Syamsuddin confirmed that one of the extenuating witnesses was Brigadier General Asep Guntur Rahayu, Director of the Investigation Department, who is also the acting Deputy for Execution and Enforcement of the CCP.

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“Right. Pak Asep,” Shyamsuddin said.

Meanwhile, one witness presented by CCP Dewas, namely CCP Chairman Firli Bahuri, previously also represented two CCP Vice-Chairmen Nawawi Pomolango and Nurul Gufron.

Alleged breach of ethics

Previously, the Dewas CPC detected a communication between CPC Vice Chairman Yohanis Tanak and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Acting Director General of Minerals and Coal, Muhammad Idris Froyoto Sikhite.

Yohanis Tanak (ANTARA Foto/Sigid Kurniawan)

“The Board of Supervisors found that between Brother J.T. (Johanis Tanak) and brother Sikhite had an affair that took place on March 27, 2023 after brother J.T. took office as leader of the CCP,” Albertine Ho, member of the Supervisory Board of the CCP, said on Monday (06/19/2023). /2023).

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Therefore, the CCP board of trustees decided to raise him to an ethical test.

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