Caught by CCTV cameras, netizens scatter money on Midnight Street, netizens fear: looking for a victim?

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Klinik Farma – Footage from the city’s surveillance cameras has been circulating on social media. The video, dated August 4, 2023, originally shows two arguing on a village street.

In the video uploaded back via the @mintulgemintul Instagram account, you can see the village streets in the middle of the night, namely puku; 00.38. The video shows two people talking in what is believed to be a couple.

Then the couple stopped after the speed bump and threw some money in front of the intersection. Throwing away the money, the people in the back seat just left.

“Virtual video of residents throwing money on the street in the middle of the night” video caption.

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The video immediately elicited various responses from netizens.

“You can’t immediately withdraw money into the street, including sub-hat goods. You should start streaming them or just donate them to charity.” comments from netizens.

“As far as I know, this is usually a sacrifice, those who accept it usually do not keep themselves waiting long. The neighbor’s son used to be like this, walking home with money he found on the street. mom heard him in the room all the time saying the numbers from 1 to 7, now on the 7th day he died, “ added another.

“One day I found 20,000 bills on the street when I smelled the money, it smelled like the spirits of old people, so I finally decided to put the money in a charity box,” added another netizen.

“Seeking sacrifices costs money. There used to be other neighbors in my house who took them. Well, I died, but yes, wallahualam” Netizens wrote in the comments.

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