By enhancing protection, Jasindo supports disaster relief fund concerns

Jakarta, Klinik Farma – PT Asuransi Jasa Indonesia (Jasindo) supports the Disaster Fund Pooling Fund (PFB) scheme launched by the government. The scheme is expected to enhance the protection of government property (BMN) against the risk of natural disasters and losses.

Jasindo Insurance Business Development Director Diwe Novara explained that through the PFB scheme, it is hoped that insured properties will grow and expand at the expense of other government assets that support public activities. This will increase the premium income of the ABMN Consortium.

“This will certainly strengthen the consortium’s position as a risk bearer that can more effectively meet BMN’s insurance protection needs,” Dive said in a written statement on Tuesday (September 19, 2023).

Jasindo Insurance, through the BMN Insurance Consortium established in 2019, aims to assist ministries and institutions in the process of insuring government assets. Having insurance under BMN protection not only covers the risk of natural disasters, but also the risk of fire and man-made disasters such as riots and terrorism.

The existence of the BMN is expected to reduce the financial risk of damage that could disrupt service delivery to the public, as well as reduce the burden on the APBN to repair or replace damaged government assets.

“In such situations, insurance will help the government overcome the consequences. For example, the process of repairing or restoring BMN assets that have suffered losses or suffered from natural disasters will be easier to implement compared to directly using the government budget,” he said. Diva.

He hopes that understanding of insurance issues and the impact of disaster risks within government, especially ABMN, will continue to grow. Meanwhile, the types of government assets that will be insured in the future include mobile vehicles/automobiles, air transport equipment, water transport equipment, bridges, dams, inventory and construction projects/infrastructure, and machinery.

“Jasindo Insurance is committed to implementing every government program. We believe that with close collaboration and shared commitment, we can support the success of every program launched by the government, including the protection of public assets,” he said.

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