By building most toll roads, IKN can “drown”!

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – Archipelago Metropolitan Authority (OIKN) Deputy Head Doni Rahajjo said too many toll roads leading to the archipelago capital risk causing this new city to “sink” as it lacks residents and activities.

This is based on his experience and observation of the development of new cities such as Putrajaya in Malaysia, Sejong in South Korea, Canberra in Australia and Brasilia in Brazil.

“He drowned because people don’t want to stay. 30 minutes to Balikpapan-IKN Toll Road, ASN is ok,” Dhoni said at the public consultation on the bill to amend Law No. 30. No. 3 of 2022 on the state capital, Friday (04/08/2023).

“Only 30 minutes, what will happen, I said that the ASN and defense and security are working in the ICN, the boarding house is in Balikpapan,” he said.

This cannot be done. Therefore, the development of the city should include basic infrastructure, starting with hospitals and schools, so that ASN does not have to travel far to meet its needs in other cities.

The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) noted that IKN Nusantara’s infrastructure support budget for 2020-2023 is IDR 36.72 trillion out of a total of IDR 62.27 trillion until 2024, or as many as 76 work packages from progress of 15.84%.

The basic infrastructure support budget for the Archipelago State Capital (IKN) in 2023 is IDR 26.67 trillion. The budget is used to support water infrastructure (Rs 1.14 trillion), roads and bridges (Rs 9.72 trillion), human settlements (Rs 11.58 trillion), housing (Rs 4.20 trillion) and construction development (0. 37 trillion rupees).

In addition, the implementation of the Cash for Work program for Fiscal Year 2023 was IDR 15.07 trillion and the implementation progress was IDR 5.04 trillion or 33.44%.

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