By allegedly spending IDR 22.5 billion, KPK will prove that Lucas Enembe’s gambling money in Singapore is derived from the proceeds of corruption

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Klinik Farma – The Commission for the Eradication of Corruption (CPC) explained the reasons for exposing the lifestyle of the inactive governor of Papua, Lucas Enembe, who loves to play in court.

Ali Fikri, head of the CCP’s reporting department, said the CCP prosecutor wanted to prove that the money used by Lucas for gambling in Singapore and Manila, Philippines was the result of alleged corruption cases.

“The question of where the money (for gambling) came from is an important point. It is not his gambling that is the focus of the CCP prosecutor’s office,” said Ali, quoted on Saturday (12/8/2023).

Ali said that the CCP needed to trace the use of the money, which was allegedly the result of bribing and appeasing Lucas.

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“So where did the source come from, because now we are investigating bribery, he is the recipient of bribes, and later tips and TPPU. Of course, you need to follow how the money came, ”he explained.

“If they are then used for gambling, as a result of bribes and tips, then this is part of the money laundering process,” Ali continued.


As is known, in the bribery and reward lawsuit that lured Lucas into a trap, the CCP prosecutor introduced witness Dommi Yamamoto, a private individual who used to accompany Lucas Enembe on gambling in Singapore and Manila.

He said that Lucas lost up to 22.5 billion rupees.

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Lucas Enembe has been charged with accepting Rs 46.8 billion in tips and bribes from a number of individuals associated with development projects in Papua.

Lucas was arrested by the CCP on Tuesday, January 10, 2023 in Papua. The arrests were made after Lucas became a suspect in September 2022. When he became a suspect, he received a Rs 1 billion bribe from PT Director Tabi Bangun Papua (PT TBP) Rijatono Lakka (RL).

CCP investigators opened a bribery and tipping case against Lucas Enembe to reinstate him as a money laundering suspect.

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