Bukit Asam Mining Digitization (PTBA) Brings Achievements

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – PT Bukit Asam Tbk (PTBA) successfully won second place in the ASEAN Energy Award for Coal Transportation and Distribution. The award was presented at the 41st ASEAN Energy Ministers’ Meeting (AMEM) and ASEAN Energy Business Forum (AEBF) in Bali on Friday (August 25, 2023).

PTBA Director of Operations and Operations Suhedi praised the award. The achievement will boost PTBA’s enthusiasm for further innovation in sustainability, efficiency and energy management, he said.

“PT Bukit Asam Tbk (PTBA), as a state-owned company and a public company, has a high commitment to reducing carbon emissions. To achieve this goal, PTBA has developed a roadmap for decarbonization, and one of the existing programs is digitalization,” Suhedi said in a written statement on Monday (August 28, 2023).

Digital transformation, he continued, is part of the PTBA’s efforts to implement good practices in the mining industry. The use of digital technologies also increases the efficiency and sustainability of the business.

As for one of the digitization programs implemented by PTBA, one of them is Bukit Asam Mining System and Information (Mister BA). Mister BA is an integrated application program with several modules ranging from research process to port.

All integrated modules have a significant impact on reducing energy and fuel consumption. This will affect the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 6071.31 TCO2e.

“PTBA fully supports the government’s goal of achieving zero net emissions by 2060 or earlier. Decarbonization programs will continue to be implemented and developed in a sustainable manner across all divisions of the company to ensure optimal results,” he concluded.

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