Becomes a financial burden for Jakpro, DKI regional secretary: JIS and TIM have been poorly managed since birth

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Klinik Farma – DKI Jakarta Regional Secretary (Sekda) Joko Agus Setiono criticized the management of the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) and the revival of Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM). He said the two projects were poorly managed from the start.

As a result, according to Joko, these two projects have become a burden for PT Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro), which is working on them. Notes from DPRD DKI Jakarta also reflect the same point of view.

“So we do acknowledge that TIM and JIS were wrong from birth,” Joko said at a Raperda discussion meeting on accountability for the implementation of the DKI Jakarta APBD 2022 at the DKI DPRD building on Thursday (03/08/2023). ).

According to Sekda, who has only been in operation since February 2023, the government should only appoint regional enterprises (BUMDs) for the construction of infrastructure projects.

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“Presumably the assignment is the same as what the central government commissioned Adi Karya to do Jabodebek LRT, not the same as the Jakarta DKI government that gave the assignment,” Joko said.

Meanwhile, in Jakarta, the DKI provincial government is allocating funds through the regional equity budget (PMD) for the construction of the BUMD. Not only that, the BUMD is also appointed to manage the infrastructure once it is established.

“The concession made by the Jakarta government to DKI handed over to PMD and then in the end the assets and so on belonged to BPMD. Since they are owned by BUMD, this burdens maintenance costs and then depreciation costs,” he said.

In fact, JIS and TIM, which have a budget of trillions of rupees, have not even been able to provide benefits from the use of building rentals. In fact, Jakpro still has to pay operating costs, which are also quite high every year.

As a result, Jakpro’s finances have become unhealthy and for the past four years they have been unable to pay dividends to the DKI provincial government.

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“If it’s from PMD, that means it’s a Jakpro asset. After it becomes an asset of Jakpro, the maintenance cost should be borne by Jakpro, this very large depreciation cost should be borne by Jakpro, so it will be a very heavy burden for Jakpro. ,” He said.

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