Bawaslu complains KPU to DKPP about limited access to Silon, Perludem: false

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Klinik Farma – The Executive Director of the Advisory Council for Elections for Democracy (Perludem) Hoirunnisa Nur Agustyati responded to the report submitted by the Electoral Supervisory Authority (Bawaslu) regarding the limited access to the Candidate Information System (Silon) of the General Electoral Commission (KPU) to the Organizer of Council Elections (OPC).

According to the woman, who is familiarly called Ninis, Bawaslu does not have to report the KPU to the DPP in order to gain open access to Silon.

This is because the DKPP will only process the report in the ethics area. Thus, the DKPP does not have the authority to order the KPU to open access to Silon for Bawaslu.

“DKPP should not order (KPU) to open Silon because what DKPP is doing is a matter of ethics and professionalism. DKPP cannot order KPU to open it,” Ninis told reporters on Friday (November 8, 2023).

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However, if Bawaslu thinks the CPU is unprofessional because it is not investigating Bawaslu’s letters so that Silon can be exposed more widely, then it is appropriate for Bawaslu to report the CPU to Bawaslu.

Ninis believes Bawaslu wants open access to information, and it would be more appropriate if the agency, led by Rahmat Baghja, coordinated with the Central Information Commission (CIP) to study data that should be excluded.

This is because the CPU has restricted Silon’s access to Bawaslu on the grounds that there is data there that is private and should be excluded.

“For me, excluded data is certain data, such as NIK, KTP numbers, this does not mean that documents are not opened,” Ninis said.

In addition, he believes that Bawaslu should use its powers to recognize Silon’s limited access as administrative offenses committed by the KPU.

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“Bawaslu now has more powers than before, is undergoing institutional transformation, has enormous powers, this should be the conclusion. There were administrative violations,” Ninis said.

Earlier, DKPP member Raka Sandi said that the report was received by his party on Monday (07/08/2023) yesterday afternoon.

“The mechanism for dealing with complaints received by the SCPP is governed by the provisions of the SCAC regarding procedural guidelines on the code of ethics for election organizers,” Raka told reporters on Tuesday (08/08/2023).

“In fact, there will be an administrative check first. Then, if the administrative requirements are met, then we proceed to the material check,” he continued.

Raka said that the complaint about the alleged ethics violations by the election organizers was passed on to Bawaslu by all the KPU commissioners.

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