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Klinik Farma – PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk continues to expand investment access for clients, offering an increasingly diverse and high-quality selection of instruments. This time around, the bank with the gold stripe logo has partnered with PT Trimegah Asset Management to feature three select mutual funds across a variety of asset classes that can be accessed through the Livin’ Investment feature in the Livin’ By Mandiri super app.

Through this collaboration, Bank Mandiri clients can purchase money market mutual fund products (TRIM Kas 2 Class B) for clients with a conservative risk profile. Then a fixed income mutual fund (Trimegah Fixed Income Plan) for clients with a moderate risk profile and an Equity Mutual Fund (TRIM Kapital) for clients with an aggressive risk profile.

Bank Mandiri Sista Pravesthi, senior vice president of wealth management, said this new mutual fund product will complement the types of investment products for wealth management clients in line with risk tolerance and portfolio value growth expectations.

“Through this collaboration, we hope that clients will be able to seize opportunities, maximize financial planning, and diversify investment portfolios in their hands anywhere, anytime. To get them closer to their financial goals,” Sista said as she signed the cooperation agreement in Jakarta on Thursday (October 8).

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Sista said that due to the various benefits of Livin by Mandiri services, the number of users of the Livin’ Investment feature has grown by almost 120% year-to-date (YTD), and the number of active users has reached almost 400,000 investors as of July 2023. Of these, more than 70% are new investors.

Signed directly by Trimegah Asset Management President Anthony Dirga, these three mutual fund products have been on sale since early August 2023 and are available in the investment feature of the Livin’ by Mandiri app. In addition to facilitating transactions for clients, Bank Mandiri’s Livin’ Investment also allows clients to track investment performance in real time.

“Our qualified mutual fund products, combined with Bank Mandiri’s strong presence in the banking industry, will enable us to reach a wider audience. Along with efforts to educate clients about the benefits of investing in professionally managed mutual funds,” Anthony said.

Trimegah Fixed Income Plan and Trim Kapital have become Trimegah Asset Management’s two flagship mutual funds in the moderate and aggressive asset classes. Trimegah Fixed Income Plan is a fixed income mutual fund with unique product features. Because this product provides three benefits in one product, namely investment, recurring income and life protection.

First, this product provides a potential increase in investment value due to rising bond prices.

Secondly, clients will receive periodic cash flow through the distribution of investment income in the form of cash dividends, which will be distributed quarterly. Third, this product is equipped with life insurance services with free premiums without medical examinations for qualifying customers.

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Meanwhile, Trim Kapital is an equity fund that was launched in 1997 and has gone through various market cycles. A maximum of 90% of the portfolio will be invested in actively managed equities combining indexation strategies and equity momentum.

This is one of the keys to making mutual funds perform better than the benchmark Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG).

As of the end of July 2023, Trim Kapital has been proven to have managed to record a return of 10.66% over the last year.

In fact, JCI’s return for the same period was just -0.28%. This is in line with the goal of TRIM Kapital mutual funds, which is to be able to provide clients with potential results above the JCI in the long term.

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