Answering Jokowi’s question about future leaders, Anis Baswedan: We mean the constitution.

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Klinik Farma – Future presidential candidate Anis Baswedan responded to President Joko Widodo or Jokowi’s statement about the challenges Indonesia’s leaders will face in the future.

Previously, Jokowi said that his successor’s business is not in his figure, but in the ability to work to continue what he started. Responding to this challenge, Anis said that for 78 years, Indonesia has been led by more than one president.

“We were not independent five years ago, we were independent 78 years ago. And during these 78 years, many presidents have worked. Millions of people worked. This is not the work of one person, this is the work of more than one president. This is the work of many generations,” Anis said after attending a ceremony in the South Jakarta area on Thursday (August 17, 2023).

He claimed that every five years the people of Indonesia held a general election to determine the president as their leader.

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“We determine what has been achieved, what will be done in the next five years. And there must be something called sustainability, and there must always be something called change. Definitely. And this is what exists among all peoples in this world,” he said. said.

The former Minister of Education and Culture also believes that in the future the constitution, developed by the founders of the state, will become a guide and guide.

“I am sure that our constitution is becoming a guideline. What was developed by the founders of this republic. This is the guideline,” he said.

“So, in the future, the promise of independence, as I mentioned earlier, I think that it is the aspect of justice, the aspect of equality, the aspect of fairness that needs to be paid attention to. That’s what we need to pay attention to. k,” he said.

Joko’s speech

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In his speech at the annual MPR session at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta on Wednesday (August 16, 2023), President Jokvoy mentioned the challenges future leaders will face.

“It’s not about who will become president. No, it’s not about that. Are you capable or not? To work in accordance with what has been started at this time,” he said.

According to Jokowi, what is needed is a leader who must have courage. Because the next leader must have a lot of time to continue the government he now leads.

The head of state said that the tasks ahead would not be easy. This is because a leader must also have the courage to make difficult and unpopular decisions.

“Therefore, in my opinion, a leader must have public trust, because trust is one of the determining factors. Whether the policy will work or not, whether the decision can be followed or not,” he explained.

“It’s political capital in leading the nation.”

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