Allegedly, because of debts of tens of millions, members of the Takalar DPRD beat their lover until he was bruised

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Klinik Farma – Allegedly, because of debts of tens of millions, members of the Takalar DPRD beat their lover until he was bruised

Police have uncovered a case of abuse allegedly committed by a South Sulawesi Takalar MNRD member from the Golkar faction with the initials WEP (30) against his girlfriend with the initials AG (30). This persecution was caused by debt problems.

This was stated by the Chief Commissioner of Tebet Police Jamalinus Nababan following the initial statement of the AG. The victim admitted that the nominal debt that caused the disturbance was in the tens of millions.

“If I’m not mistaken, (the face value) is in the tens of millions,” Jamalinus told reporters on Tuesday (9 May 2023).

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WEP, according to the AG’s statement, was angry and abusive because he did not agree to be billed for the money he borrowed.

“Yeah, he even got angry and hit stuff,” Jamalinus said.

Investigators are still investigating the case to this day. Jamalinus explained that one of the deepenings was carried out by checking the security and surveillance or CCTV footage of the Casa Grande Residence apartment in Tebet, South Jakarta.

“The victim does not want to provide information. As for the reported party (WEP), we will first confirm his identity and the veracity of his work,” he added.

The criminal is suspected of being a member of the DNRD.

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News of the abuses committed by WEP spread across X’s social media and went viral. In the narrative, WEP is mentioned as a member of the Takalar DNRD from the Golkar faction.

This incident of abuse reportedly took place at Casa Grande Residence in Tebet, South Jakarta on Friday (9 January 2023).

Judging by the photographs circulating on X’s social media, victim A.G. there were bruises on the face and eyeballs. The reason was explained by the fact that WEP did not accept the collection of the victim’s debt.

Jamalinus then confirmed that there had been reports of the case. However, he was unable to explain the details of the chronology because the victim could not yet be questioned.

“That’s why we didn’t even question the reporter (victim). We dare not assume anything,” Jamalinus told reporters on Monday (April 9, 2023).

According to Jamalinus, the victim A.G. asked for time to calm down. Because currently the person concerned is still going through the trauma.

“He’s still in shock, he’s still in pain, we can’t force him,” he concluded.

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