Aipda Abdullah’s Profile: Figure of Traffic Police Officer Who Went Viral Cursing Monkey Motorcycles

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Klinik Farma – A traffic police officer (Polantas) named Aipda Abdullah could not contain his emotions when he issued a motorcycle ticket.

Inappropriate words such as “Monkey” were uttered by Aipda Abdullah towards this hapless motorcyclist.

The incident of Abdullah swearing on a motorcycle occurred at Chikini Street, Menteng District, Central Jakarta City, DKI Jakarta Province on Tuesday (12/9/2023) at 07.30.

Aipda Abdullah’s profile: Talking about animals with motorcycles

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It is understood that Aipda Abdullah is a member of the Polda Metro Jaya Traffic Department and automatically works under the Director of Traffic (Dirlantas) Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Latif Usman. Latif confirmed that Abdullah worked under him.

Latif said his team interrogated Abdullah. He admitted that at that time Abdullah was carrying out his duties to issue a fine to a motorcyclist suspected of violating traffic rules.

“He admitted that what happened was when he was on traffic control duty, there were violators whose identities we still don’t know,” Latif told reporters on Thursday (September 14, 2023).

However, Latif stressed that arrogant actions should not come from the mouth of Abdullah, who is called upon to protect the community.

Meanwhile, Abdullah nicknamed the motorcycle “monkey” because he was too emotional.

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“Of course, people who carry out activities should receive the best possible treatment, even if they commit violations,” Latif continued.

Commissioner Latif will now have to apologize for the actions of his subordinate.

“I deeply apologize to the offender and ask for help from the media. If we find out the address of the offender, we will go to his home and apologize. “We’ll do it,” he said.

Timeline Aipda Abdullah calls monkey motorcycles

Abdullah’s actions were recorded by a motorcyclist and uploaded to TikTok on Thursday (09/14/2023).

“I wish I had never hated the police before, this is the first time I have met such a model of a policeman,” wrote the account of a motorcyclist’s wife on TikTok.

The motorcyclist’s wife said her husband had done nothing wrong, but Aipda Abdullah suddenly asked her to stop.

“My husband went to work as usual. Around 7:45 at a red light outside his office, a police officer asked him to step aside,” he continued.

In the video, Aipda Abdullah is suddenly seen attacking the motorcycle after being asked to stop.

“Do you have a driver’s license?” – asked Aipda Abdullah.

Abdullah suddenly forced the motorcyclist to surrender his driving license. Abdullah did not even hesitate to threaten the motorcycle driver with revoking his driving license and cursed him with the word “Monkey.”

“Where is your driver’s license? I’ll break them down for a minute. You have been a monkey all this time,” Abdullah added.

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