A viral story about a 16 year old boy who marries his mother’s best friend. Here is an Islamic perspective on underage marriage.

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Klinik Farma – The story of a 16 year old who married a 41 year old woman in Sambas, West Kalimantan is currently being discussed by the public.

Husband and wife, whose age difference is 25 years, are named Kevin and Mariana.

His second marriage came into the spotlight after it became known that the bride is a girlfriend of a 16-year-old teenager.

It is known that the couple got married in their hometown on July 30, 2023.

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Husband and wife have a 25 year age difference at Sambas (Instagram)

This marriage also raises the pros and cons of the public. Because the fiancé is underage. Combined with the existence of a rule that the minimum age for marriage is 19 for both men and women.

So what is the Islamic view of child marriage? Is it prohibited or allowed under certain conditions?

Responding to this confusion, Buya Yahya explained that there is no prohibition in Islam for people with good intentions to marry.

In fact, Buya Yahya explained that if there are men and women who want to get married, but they are prevented because the age of one of the bride and groom is still a minor, then they can enter into an unregistered marriage.

“Of course, laws are passed for the good, but there are people who, if they wait for the law, will not even benefit from it,” said Buya Yahya, quoted from Buya Yahya’s YouTube channel on Saturday (05/08/2023). .

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“If the problem is simply not wanting to break the law, then it could be getting married without a written record,” he continued.

However, Buya Yahya warned that Siri marriages could not be random. It is said that the bride and groom and their families know each other well.

“We still insist that if there is a marriage, especially people who are not widely known, the groom is not clear, it should be clear,” said Buya Yahya.

In addition, Buya Yahya also explained that a husband and wife couple should receive a lot of guidance and training after marriage.

“Can she be a good mother? She was given training, not even banned. She wanted to enter the halal door, but why was she banned. Too small, unable to take care of children?” he concluded.

Despite this, underage marriages are strongly discouraged. Because there are many negative consequences that can arise because of it. Starting with health, mental state, emotional maturity, ending with economic problems.

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