A series of nefarious acts of UI students killing juniors: a knife in the chest, bodies in plastic

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Klinik Farma – A series of vile deeds by Altafasalia Ardnik Basya, nicknamed AAB (23 years old), when he killed his own younger ones, was allegedly caused by jealousy.

A.A.B. was arrested by police after killing his junior at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Indonesia (UI), MNZ (19).

Not only committing murders, A.A.B. also took part in heinous acts, from disposing of the victim’s body to committing theft of property.

AAB stabbed MNZ out of jealousy

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MNZ was found dead in a deplorable state in his boarding house in Kukusan district, Depok city, in the community (04/08/2023) around 10.00 WIB.

At the time, MNZ colleagues were worried that they would not hear from him. Suddenly, when they visited the MHZ boarding house, they found that he was dead.

A stab wound was found on MNZ’s chest.

Depok Iptu Made Budi, Chief of Public Affairs of the Metropolitan Police, said in a statement on Friday (04/08/2023) that the AAB stabbed MNZ in the chest with a penknife.

The disgusting act of A.A.B. to kill his own junior was based on a jealousy that his victims succeed. AAB also admits that it is currently in debt. high and unable to pay the cost.

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AAB suddenly decided to kill AAB in order to gain control of his property.

Conceal the victim’s body using a plastic bag.

A.A.B. admitted that he was embarrassed by the desire to hide the victim’s body so that his actions would not be discovered.

Deputy Criminal Investigation Department of AKP Metro Depok Police Nirvan Pohan told reporters on Saturday (05/08/2023) while explaining AAB’s machinations to get rid of his traces.

AAB bought some consumables in the form of black plastic and moth balls. Eventually MNZ’s body was stuffed into a large plastic trash, and camphor was used to smell the corpse.

A.A.B. there was an idea to bury the body of M.N.Z., but he did not know how to get the room out of the boarding house.

In the end, AAB gave in and threw the plastic trash with MHZ’s body under the bed.

Take control of the victim’s property

A.A.B., who was in debt, also stole some of the victim’s possessions in the form of laptops, an iPhone, and the victim’s wallet.

The victim’s valuables were used by AAB to pay off the debt.

AAB actions caught on CCTV cameras

The police were able to quickly arrest A.A.B. thanks to CCTV footage from the victim’s boarding house.

Depok metro police and joint CCTV officers near the victim’s boarding house. The police finally unearthed the identity of the perpetrator in the tape with the victim’s colleagues and were able to identify A.A.B.

After all, A.A.B. was arrested by the police and confessed to the crime.

The victim’s uncle, Mukhtar Fatoni, said the family returned the body to his hometown in Lumajang, East Java.

Mukhtar stressed that the victim’s family wanted A.A.B. was severely punished for this heinous act.

Authors: Armand Ilham

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