7 Viral Facts About Grandpa’s Abuse of Jatinegar Elementary School Students: Victims Threatened to Kill, This Was the Beginning

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Klinik Farma – A video of alleged child sexual abuse by a grandfather recently went viral on social media. The victim was an elementary school student who was still wearing a full school uniform at the time of the incident.

The incident is known to have taken place in the Chipinang Muara area, Jatinegara, East Jakarta, more specifically SDN 14 lane, RT 11 and RW 15, Chipinang Muara 3, East Jakarta (East Jakarta) at 10:10 am WIB on Friday. (8.11.2023).

How was it and what was the fate of the criminal? Check out the following reviews.

At first, the depraved actions of the criminal were revealed

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The alleged act of sexual harassment by the perpetrator was first exposed after a resident named Erin (36) became suspicious of the perpetrator’s actions.

According to Erin, the perpetrator was with the victim at the time. Erin then caught the perpetrator in sexual harassment.

Erin admitted that she warned the perpetrator to stop the action. Moreover, he also immediately distanced the victim from the perpetrator for his safety.

Unwittingly caught on CCTV camera

The alleged sexual harassment was captured by CCTV cameras installed in the area. The video quickly spread across multiple social media accounts.

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In the video, an elderly man on a bicycle stops next to a girl who is still wearing her school uniform.

The old man invited the child to chat. However, you can see how the grandfather’s hand was squeezing the chest of a small child.

The attacker was arrested by the police

It didn’t take long, after a video of the alleged sexual harassment went viral on social media, the grandfather in the video was immediately arrested by the police.

On Saturday (12/8/2023), East Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Paul Leonardus Simarmata said his officers had arrested a grandfather with the initial U.

Not only was he arrested, but the 72-year-old grandfather was immediately named a suspect and detained.

The criminal confessed to lust

After being arrested and taken into custody, the perpetrator confessed to having mistreated an elementary school student.

East Jakarta Metro Police Deputy Chief AKBP Fanani said the perpetrator confessed to the depraved act because his desire was on the rise, or in other words, he was in lust.

Did the same thing twice

According to AKBP Fanani, Wu admitted to police that he sexually abused children twice.

The perpetrator also stated that the victim was a 7-year-old girl. Yu confessed to the police that the first time he committed his immoral acts was in the school lane, and the second time in front of the secretariat post.

The perpetrator threatens the victim

AKBF Fanani added that according to the results of the examination, it was revealed that U threatened to kill the victim if he told other people about his behavior.

“The perpetrator threatened the victim, if the victim tells other people what he did, the victim will be pursued and killed,” Fanani said at the East Jakarta Police Headquarters on Monday (August 8, 2023).

Faces threat of 15 years in prison

For his actions, Wu became a suspect in a sexual harassment case and is being held at the East Jakarta Police Headquarters.

The old man was charged under section 76E in conjunction with section 82 of Law No. 16 of 2017, which provides for a penalty of 15 years in prison.

Authors: Heaven Damayanti

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