7 Controversy for NTT governor, recently named characteristics of poor people who eat a lot of rice

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Klinik Farma – Victor Bungtilu Layskodat as Governor of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) is back in the spotlight. This time the attention is on his statement, which mentions the characteristics of the poor.

He made this statement when Victor was present at the celebration of the second anniversary of the National Food Agency on Saturday (12/8/23). A video of Viktor talking about it was posted on social media.

Victor mentioned this in his speech. The event was attended by the head of Bapanas Arief Prasetio Adi. In this regard, below is the full list of controversies for the Governor of NTT.

1. Name the characteristics of poor people who eat a lot of rice.

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Victor said that human qualities can be seen when they eat. If people are poor, they take a lot of rice. But if you take protein, then he is a rich man.

“If they eat a lot of rice, they are poor people. But if they eat a lot of protein, they are rich,” Victor said in a shared video.

2. Rice hype means people are poor

In addition, Victor added that it is necessary to stimulate the consumption of proteins and the reduction of carbohydrates. He also mentioned rice as one of the characteristics of the poor.

“Those who are still messing with rice mean that we are still poor. It is common for the poor to eat rice in large quantities. There are only two side dishes. While he is kissing, he continues to eat rice, he does this repeatedly. After he last ate fish and rice, he again said that the last time.

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3. Rules for admission to school at 5 am.

The next major development is Victor’s announcement that school hours start at 5am. According to Victor, he did this to prepare cadets who want to enter the Police Academy and the Military Academy.

Victor also said that the policy is aimed at preparing students of XII SMA/SMK for admission to state universities and abroad. However, a number of studies have shown that the slower the school clock, the better.

The policy was implemented only in the top two schools. SMA 1 and SMA 6 schools.

“We don’t need all schools. But we need two schools. Two schools of higher education. Excellent in knowledge and character. These two schools are necessary. equates to Jakarta,” he said, referring to the Instagram account @viktorbungtilulaiskodat, written on Wednesday, 1 March 2023.

4. Ask the warden to take a semen analysis.

Referring to the issue of short stature as a national problem, Victor asked the head of the village to check his sperm. For him, stunting can be maintained by maintaining the quality of male sperm.

For Victor, men must properly maintain their sperm quality in order to be strong. One of them is the use of moringa leaves.

“Because they don’t take care of them properly, the impact on their offspring stops,” he said during a visit to the Weoe Medical Center, Weoe Village, Wewiku District, Malacca Regency, on Friday, April 14, 2023.

5. Want to change the mindset of the device

Victor was not interested in running as an NTT gubernatorial candidate at Pilkada 2024. Victor chose to try his hand at DKI Jakarta Pilgub and intended to change the mindset of the apparatus. Victor appreciated that if the candidates elected as governors and regents were not performing optimally, then they needed to be replaced.

6. Tried as desperate to deal with human trafficking

The death rate of Indonesian migrant workers from NTT in Malaysia has reached 117. According to Victor, the reason was the sending of illegal labor migrants. Emmy Sakhertyan, a priest active in the issue of human trafficking, believes that Victor and the NTT government are desperately trying to solve the problem.

7. Ask officials to break the legs of the human trafficking mafia.

Viktor also asked the security forces to break the traders’ legs. In fact, Victor intends to give wages.

Authors: Annisa Fianni Sisma

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