60 Royal Enfield auction at Sri Mulyani office sold for IDR 5.83 billion.

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – Today, Friday (08.04.2023), the Department of State Assets of the Ministry of Finance put up for auction 60 units of Royal Endfield motorized vehicles. The auction resulted in a main auction value of IDR 5.83 billion, well above the total ceiling price set at IDR 1.52 billion.

Today’s auction consists of 5 sessions starting from 08.30-16.30 WIB. A total of 40 Royal Endfield Classic 500 cc and 20 Royal Enfield Classic 350 cc are non-controlled goods (BTD), which are buried at the General Directorate of Customs and Excise. The auction is held online through the website lelang.go.id.

“All the money from the auction goes to the state treasury,” said Adi Wibowo, head of the DJKN PR subdirectory, during a meeting at the auction site, KPKNL Jakarta 2, on Friday (04/08/2023).

BTD is included in the category of goods under customs control, namely goods that have not passed or do not comply with customs procedures. BTC, namely goods stored in temporary storage warehouses (TSW), exceeding a period of 30 days from the date of storage.

In addition, these are also goods not released from a temporary storage facility (TLC) whose license was revoked within 30 days of the revocation of the license, or goods sent through designated postal operators that were refused to the address or person to whom they are intended for, and cannot be sent back to the sender outside the customs area.

BTD is also goods shipped with a destination outside the customs area that were received back because they were rejected or could not be delivered to the designated address and were not completed by the sender within 30 days of receiving notification from the designated postal operator.

“All goods held at Customs and Excise, including BTD, are only auctioned through the vertical division of DJKN, namely the State Asset Management and Auction Administration (KPKNL), which are scattered throughout Indonesia,” Adi said.

Thus, 60 Royal Enfield units were auctioned at the request of KPKNL Jakarta II’s Type A General Directorate of Customs (KPU BC) through the open bidding system or open bidding through the website. lelang.go.id. This auction was also broadcast live on the Youtube channel of the General Directorate of State Assets.

For this Royal Enfield auction, approximately 3,377 deposits were recorded, which means that there were the same number of participants. At the session

the first with a total marginal value of IDR 332.56 million, 12 units were sold for IDR 1.18 billion. Then in the second session, with a total marginal value of IDR 277 million, 12 units worth IDR 897 million were sold.

In the third session, with a total marginal value of IDR 309.99 million, 12 units worth IDR 1.25 billion were sold. In the fourth session, with a total cap value of IDR 331.65 million, 12 units were sold for IDR 1.49 billion, and in the fifth session, with a total cap value of IDR 272.26 million, 11 units were sold for another IDR 1 billion. This means that there is 1 unit that was not sold in the last session.

For participants who are not determined by the auction winners, the refund of the Auction Rate Guarantee (UJPL) will be made within a maximum of 1 business day if the Participating Bank is the same as the KPKNL Perception Bank, and a maximum of 3 business days if the Participating Bank is different from the bank perceptions of KPKNL.

Members may periodically track changes to the account numbers that have been registered to the account. lelang.go.id and double check that the bank name, account holder name and account number are still active and correct.

In the event that UJPL reports are not received by Tuesday, August 8, 2023, members may contact the KPKNL Jakarta II mobile phone service number on WhatsApp 0811-1235-7777.

The winner of the auction must make payment within 5 working days after the auction. If you do not meet or repay your payment obligations in accordance with the provisions, then the security deposit will be transferred to the State Treasury. “Items that have not been paid for or sold will be auctioned again at the next opportunity,” Adi said.

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