4G BTS Corruption Trial, Former PPK Bakti Kominfo Elvano Hatorangan Admits He Got IDR 8 Billion From Anang Ahmad Latif

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Klinik Farma – The former Compliance Officer (PPK) of the Telecommunications and Information Availability Agency of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics or Bakti Kominfo, Elvano Hatorangan received about 8 billion Indonesian rupees from former Bakti CEO Anang Ahmad Latif, suspected of corruption of 4G BTS.

This fact was revealed when Elvano was presented as a witness in the BTS 4G corruption case at the Jakarta Tipicor Court on Thursday (10/7/2023).

In addition to Anang, Elvano was also presented as a witness for the defendant, former Communications and Informatics Minister Johnny G. Plate and University of Indonesia (HUDEV UI) human development expert Johan Suryanto.

Elvano initially admitted that he received money from Anang, including through PT Solitech Media Sinergy commissioner Irvan Hermavan (also involved in this case). The payment was made several times.

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Chief Justice Fahzal Hendry then delved into the total amount of money he received from Anang during 2021-22.

“So in the period 2020-2022 there will be a lot of 6 billion rupee houses, add cars, add this, about 8 billion rupees or less?” the judge asked.

“Maybe 8 billion rupees,” Elvano replied.

Elvano said that he was unaware of Anang’s intention to give him the money and did not know where the money came from. He also never asked where the money came from.

“It is impossible to give you personally. You are the PPC in this very large project, you guessed it, you are not stupid. You are also an educated person, from where you can suspect money,” the judge emphasized. .

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Elvano then used a total of Rs 8 billion for a number of purposes, including the purchase of a large motorcycle, a Honda HRV car, and Rs 6 billion for an installment plan for a house in Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta. However, according to Elvano, the Prosecutor General’s Office confiscated a number of assets.

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