4 Facts About Miss Universe Indonesia 2023 Body Check, Finalists Asked To Take Photo Without Clothes

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Klinik Farma – One of the Miss Universe Indonesia 2023 finalists reported that the organizers were photographed naked or naked when they were photographed. body check. The finalist arrived at Polda Metro Jaya accompanied by his lawyer Melissa Angraeni last Monday (07/08/2023).

After this incident, the Miss Universe Indonesia Foundation was shut down by its CEO Eldwen Wang, who decided to retire. Renowned photographer Rio Motre has also stepped down as visual director of the Miss Universe Indonesia pageant. Check out the facts about the body check of Miss Universe Indonesia, who is now being interrogated in the following legal way.

1. Ditutup banner for body check

Miss Universe Indonesia 2023 finalists have questioned the body check process at the event. One point that was highlighted was the location where an infrequent body check was conducted, namely the ballroom of the hotel. The process was covered only by banners and clothes hangers.

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“The ballroom of the hotel, you can imagine, it’s big, there the video surveillance system consists only of a partition of banners and clothes hangers. 2023).

2. Required clothing accessories

Mellisa added that initially the finalists were only told to try on the dress. But without notice, they did conduct a body check.

“Actually, the agenda is appropriate, but they have an agenda. Installations yes, but apart from that there are sudden events without a schedule,” Mellisa explained.

3. Witnesses of the opposite sex

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Mellisa said the victim was stressed in the process. body check naked and a witness of the opposite sex. He was also concerned that the security camera in the hotel ballroom captured the moment and circulated it.

“We can imagine how much pressure the fellow members put in such a situation. So far, we have seen evidence, but how far it has spread, let the police decide, because there is video surveillance in the ballroom, ”Mellisa explained.

4. The history of the finalist is touched by his intimate part

R, one of the Miss Universe Indonesia 2023 finalists, has revealed a timeline of harassment by unscrupulous event organizers (EO) at a beauty event. He said it all started when EO asked him to fit his clothes. But suddenly there’s an agenda body check without the knowledge of R, who was not in the account of events.

“First I was told to try on the dress. But suddenly I was asked to be (half) naked. I was surprised because there was no body screening program,” said R.

R then poses for the camera. She also revealed that she was subjected to other violence after one of the crew members touched her genitals. R admitted that he was very ashamed and disappointed because he was really humiliated at the time.

The harassment incident took place on August 1, 2023. The harassment incident was also reported to Polda Metro Jaya. In addition to R, there are also reports from other victims with initial N who went to the police.

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