3 countries burning Al Quran are now shaking, what happened?

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – The three countries where the Koran was burned are now in a terrible rage. There were threats to these countries.

Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands now top the list of priority targets for several terrorist groups. Such a warning was made by the head of the anti-terrorism department of the Swedish security police, Magnus Sjoberg.

Schoberg said this was a consequence of a series of Al-Quran burnings that took place repeatedly in the three countries. Speaking to the Swedish news agency TT, Sjoberg said that the security services had seen messages from within several terrorist organizations concerning three European countries.

“None of us can guarantee that there will be no terrorist attacks,” he said, although he noted that the Swedish police have improved their counter-terrorism skills in recent years, as quoted RTFriday (8.11.2023).

“Now the threat is becoming more and more real,” he added.

Sjoberg’s warning is indeed justified. Quote Expressa few days ago, a bomb was thrown at the entrance to the Swedish embassy in Beirut, Lebanon at night, but it did not explode.

The newspaper, citing a local police source, said the attempted attack was linked to a recent series of Koran burnings in Sweden. Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström said no one was hurt in the failed bombing.

Please note that Sweden and Denmark have also tightened border controls to improve internal security and prevent unwanted persons from entering the country. This also includes revenge attacks after anti-Islamic activists burned Korans.

Tightening and control in Denmark, for example, has been underway since August 10th. Patrol and screening of travelers arriving from Sweden by train or car.

The Netherlands has not yet commented. However, compared to the number of incidents in Sweden and Denmark, there are fewer cases.

In notes Klinik Farma, the latest burning of the Koran took place over the weekend in Sweden. According to the Middle East Monitor (MEMO), the perpetrator turned out to be a woman, a Swedish citizen born in Iran.

“Another Quran burner is emerging – Iranian immigrants are burning holy books on a beach in the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden,” says the Twitter account, now called X, @its_maria012.

“The burning of Muslim holy books is happening again with Iranian claims,” he added.

In late July, Iraqi immigrant Salwan Momika and his colleagues burned the holy Koran. This is the third incident he has committed in the last month.

Momika burned the Koran in front of the Swedish parliament. Previously, they also held similar actions near the Grand Mosque of Stockholm and in front of the Iraqi embassy.

The move provoked protests in several Muslim-majority countries: Iraq expelled the Swedish ambassador and withdrew its representatives from Stockholm. A few more people called the Swedish ambassador in protest.

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