25 Happy Indonesian 78th Independence Day Greetings in English Suitable for Social Media Status Update!

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Klinik Farma – In a few days, the entire Indonesian nation will be celebrating the 78th Independence Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia (HUT RI), specifically on August 17, 2023 on the 78th through social media and chat apps like WhatsApp or others.

No need to get confused when putting together the words of congratulations for the 78th Independence Day of Indonesia using the English language. Here are 25 Indonesian Independence Day Greetings in English for you to use as a reference.

25 Indonesian Independence Day 78th Independence Day Greetings in English

1. “May the Indonesian flag always fly so high. Heartfelt wishes on the occasion of the great Independence Day on August 17, 2023.”

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2. “May this Independence Day, August 17, 2023, fill your life with happiness and prosperity.”

3. “Let’s celebrate hard-won freedom, honor the founding of your homeland, and we will be free from foreign rule. Since August 17, 2023!”

4. “When celebrating this day, remember that no nation is perfect, but it must be made perfect. Happy Independence Day August 17, 2023, I’m proud to be Indonesian.”

5. “May the glory of Independence Day on August 17, 2023 be with you forever.”

6. “Independence is a precious gift from God, so let us always remain independent. Happy Independence Day to you!”

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7. “Happy Independence Day, August 17, 2023, Indonesia! Freedom cannot be cheap, because many souls must die to achieve this freedom. A big thank you to all the heroes.”

8. “Let’s make a decision to value our nation, Indonesia. Let’s not forget the sacrifices that gave us freedom, so happy independence day!

9. “Happy Independence Day 2023. For 78 years now we have been enjoying our freedom, despite the fact that there is a lot of corruption and bribery.”

10. “Have a nice Independence Day everyone! Feel proud to be part of such a glorious nation, Indonesia.”

11. “Let’s pay tribute to all the great souls who gave their lives for Indonesia. I’m proud to be an Indonesian!”

12. “Let’s celebrate the day that gave us freedom of thought, action, belief, speech, etc. Happy independence day everyone!”.

13. “Happy Independence Day 78th Indonesia. Freedom, freedom, unity, let’s enjoy the day of freedom!”.

14. “Let us honor the valiant heroes who have made us the proudest of all men and the most powerful of all. May the glory of this independence day be our inspiration for tomorrow!”

15. “Freedom was earned the hardest way, but let’s not forget to fight for its defense. So, Happy Independence Day August 17, 2023!”.

16. “Have a nice independence day August 17, 2023!”

17. “I am proud to be Indonesian! Happy Independence Day 2023!”

18. “Freedom will shine bright on Independence Day.”

19. “Day to remember and appreciate our independence on August 17.”

20. “By uniting we will stand, but by being divided we will fall. This independence day is a good time to think about who we are and how we got here.”

21. “Freedom is never expensive at any cost, because it is the breath of life. Happy Indonesian Independence Day!

22. “Sending my warm patriotic wishes to make this Independence Day truly unforgettable. Since August 17!

23. “Let fireworks light up the sky as we celebrate Independence Day, August 17th!”

24. “Independence is the heartbeat of our people.”

25. “Let fireworks light up the sky and let our smiles light up Independence Day.”

These are 25 Indonesian Independence Day 25 Greetings in English that you can share on social media or through messaging apps like whatsapp and others.

Authors: Rishna Maulina Pratama

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