21 romantic funny guesses and answers that will make you slimmer

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Klinik Farma – In a relationship, it’s always good to spice up the relationship with interesting things so you don’t get bored and repetitive, like giving romantic fun guesses to your partner.

Funny and romantic guesses to your partner can be an interesting alternative when you run out of things to talk about. There are many fun and romantic guesses you can use to gift your partner.

So, to complete the picture, here is a collection of fun romantic guesses that you can use as inspiration to gift your partner that are reported from various sources.

Romantic funny guesses

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1. “Do you know which house suits you best? Build a household with me.”

2. “What is the most powerful power plant? Of course the powerhouse of my love for you”

3. “Which horse makes you the happiest? I have a lover like you.”

4. “You are from Java, aren’t you? An answer to a prayer for my soul mate.”

5. “What car always makes you smile? The machine loves you.

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6. “Why do you always make me afraid? Afraid of losing you.”

7. “Do you know what the scariest night is? My nights without you

8. “Which bus makes you happiest? A whisper of love from you.”

9. “Which car upsets you? Mobilang speaks, but someone else’s girlfriend.

10. “Why are there always two chopsticks? Because if one means “we”.

11. “What mascara doesn’t wash off? My ink for you.”

12 “Do You Know How Much I Love You? My sincerity is so great to give you crispy chicken skin.”

13. “You have calcium, don’t you? Because I’m fragile without you.”

14. “Which fans do women like the most? Fans from you.”

15. “What box hurts? The box understood that I love you.

16. “What moves can I not make? Move away from you.”

17. “Which vinegar is best? Your kama vinegar.”

18. “What snack can I not refuse?

19. “Do you know why we both look like shoes? Because we made a couple.”

20. “Ushi, what makes you happy? I give you Bismillah.”

21. “What’s the difference between you and Monas? Monas in Indonesia if you are in my heart.”

These are references to a collection of funny romantic guesses that you can use as inspiration for your partner. Hope this is helpful!

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