2023 CPNS TIU Leaked Questions with Answer Keys

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Klinik Farma – You can get information about TIU CPNS 2023 in this article. There are several questions to explore in preparation for the CPNS recruitment in 2023.

Leaks about TIU CPNS 2023 questions are here with answer keys. You can use it as a study tool and practice until the day of the exam arrives.

Next comes the TIU CPNS 2023 leak.

1. Cotton fabric is better than nylon. Quality fabric will last longer and will cost more. Finally…

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A. Nylon fabric is stronger and more expensive than cotton.
b. Nylon fabric is not stronger, but more expensive than cotton.
V. Nylon is neither stronger nor more expensive than cotton.
e. Nylon fabric is more durable, but not more expensive than cotton.
e. Nylon fabric is more durable and just as expensive as cotton.

The correct answer is c, which states that nylon is no more durable or more expensive than cotton.

2. Everything that blooms is a plant, some plants have a beautiful color. Finally…
A. Everything that blooms, the color is not beautiful
b. Everything that is not a beautiful color is a plant
V. All flowering plants
e. Some flowers are ugly.
e. Everything that is not beautiful in color does not bloom.

The correct answer is d, some flowers are ugly.

3. Scammers are talkative and friendly. Mr M is not friendly, but he can talk. So, in conclusion….
A. Mister M good talking scammer
b. Mr M is an unfriendly scammer
V. Mr. M. is an eloquent and unfriendly swindler.
e. Mr. M is not a swindler, although he is eloquent.
e. Mr. M is not a friendly cheater

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Answer d, Mr. M is not a scammer, even if he speaks well, because the terms for a scammer should be eloquent and friendly. If one of the conditions is not met, then he is not a fraudster.

4. The sides of the triangle are 3:5:7, and the perimeter is 300 cm. What is the long side of the triangle?

A. 60 cm
b. 100 cm
V. 120 cm
d. 140 cm
I. 200 cm

To find the correct answer, you must first compare the simplest values. Let’s assume that the length of the side we are looking for is X.

Circumference 300 cm
The formula for the perimeter of a triangle is to add up all the sides, which means 3x + 5x + 7x = 300. So what is x?

How to calculate as follows
3x + 5x + 7x = 300
15x = 300
x = 300:15
x = 20 cm.

Having found x, we calculate how many sides the length has. It is known that the longest side is 7x, so 7×20=140.

So, we get the correct answer, namely d.

These are examples or leaks about CPNS TIU 2023 questions. You can find more questions and discussions about CPNS questions on Youtube or buy from test books about CPNS circulating in bookstores.

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