20 CCP Prisoners Complain About Luke Enembe Peeing His Pants and Bed

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Klinik Farma – In total, 20 corrupt officials applied to the Commission for the Eradication of Corruption (CPC). They complained that the inactive governor of Papua, Lucas Enembe, was allegedly unable to take care of himself in the CCP detention center or detention center.

The complaints of 20 detainees were made public by Lukas Enembe’s team of lawyers and lawyers. John Irfan, one of the detainees who complained, said that during the six months he was in the detention center, Luc Enembe always peed in his pants and on the bed.

Then also urinate in the common room, spit on the floor or other places where it is located. In addition, it is said that Lucas Enembe did not wash after defecation and slept on a mattress that smelled of urine.

“We prisoners, with our respective busyness and burdens on our minds, are no longer able to complete the above cases,” John wrote in his letter.

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Meanwhile, he said, the CCP guards did not have the authority and responsibility to give special care and attention to Lucas Enembe.

“The least we could do was yell at the guards as Mr. Lucas’s health deteriorated,” John wrote.

In the letter, they requested that Lucas Enembe, who they said was ill, be treated in the hospital.

Separately, the letter was confirmed by the head of the reporting department of the COD, Ali Fikri.

“Earlier, the CCP received letters from residents of the CCP Red-White Detention Center about the habits of the defendant Lukasz Enembe, especially the lack of personal hygiene, which caused other detainees to worry,” Ali said.

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Ali said that they immediately contacted the CCP detention center to resolve the detention center inmates’ complaints.

“But we must also remind the defendant Lucas Enembe that he must be disciplined and orderly when taking medication from the RSPAD doctor and be prepared for regular medical examinations by the KPK medical team,” he said.

“Including several times he refused food, as food was given to other prisoners,” he continued.

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